Review: Return to Virgin River by Robyn Carr

Title: Return to Virgin River by Robyn Carr
Virgin River Series Book Twenty-One
Publisher: MIRA
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 258 pages
Book Rating: B

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr returns to the beloved town of Virgin River with a brand-new story about fresh starts, new friends and the magic of Christmas.

Kaylee Sloan’s home in Southern California is full of wonderful memories of the woman who raised her. But the memories are prolonging her grief over her mother’s recent death. A successful author, Kaylee hoped she could pour herself into her work. Instead she has terrible writer’s block and a looming deadline.

Determined to escape distractions and avoid the holiday season, Kaylee borrows a cabin in Virgin River. She knows the isolation will help her writing, and as she drives north through the mountains and the majestic redwoods, she immediately feels inspired. Until she arrives at a building that has just gone up in flames. Devastated, she heads to Jack’s Bar to plan her next steps. The local watering hole is the heart of the town, and once she crosses the threshold, she’s surprised to be embraced by people who are more than willing to help a friend—or a stranger—in need.

Kaylee’s world is expanding in ways she never dreamed possible. And when she rescues a kitten followed by a dog with a litter of puppies, she finds her heart opening up to the animals who need her. And then there’s the dog trainer who knows exactly how to help her. As the holidays approach, Kaylee’s dread turns to wonder. Because there’s no better place to spend Christmas than Virgin River.


Return to Virgin River by Robyn Carr is a heartwarming romance. Although this newest release is the twenty-first installment in the Virgin River series, it can be read as a standalone.

With the first anniversary of her beloved mother’s death approaching, Kaylee Sloan is still deeply grieving the loss. With a looming deadline and an inability to write, she decides a change of scenery will jumpstart her creative process. Having enjoyed her previous visits to Virgin River, Kaylee rents out her house and heads to a friends’ cabin.  But her plans hit immediately hit a bump in the road when the cabin is uninhabitable due to a fire.  Although a bit defeated, she accepts Mel and Jack Sheridan’s hospitality and offer to help her find a suitable rental in the area. And, as luck would have it, Landry Moore has an empty house that he offers to her.  With the seemingly perfect setting, Kaylee continues working to meet her upcoming deadline.

Kaylee and her mother were extremely close and she is haunted by her memories of their time together. Although her publisher has been very understanding, Kaylee fears her career will suffer if she does not finish her current novel. Although she has several pages written, she is not having much luck hitting her stride. She instead becomes wrapped up in an unexpected project and her growing friendship with Landry. With their relationship heading into romantic territory, Kaylee decides to live in the moment as  they give into their attraction for each other.

Landry is a bit of a loner but he is always friendly when he goes into town. He is a successful artist who is also a part-time dog trainer. Landry is surprised by how much he enjoys Kaylee’s company. When his past collides with his present, he realizes it is time to take steps to finally close that chapter of his life.

Return to Virgin River is a touching romance of healing, friendship and love. Kaylee is a likable character who is surprisingly open to new experiences. Landry is an laidback man with infinite patience. Their romance is sweet and grows naturally from their close friendship. The setting is winsome and Virgin River residents quickly welcome Kaylee into the fold. With an unanticipated plot twist,  Robyn Carr brings this charming romance to an uplifting conclusion. Old and new fans of the Virgin River series will enjoy this lovely romance.

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