Friday Feature & Giveaway: Better Late Than Never by Ada Austen

Title: Better Late Than Never by Ada Austen
Publisher: Emlu Press
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 259 pages


Better Late Than Never – A Second Chance Seasoned (over 30) Romance set on the Beaches and Boardwalks of the New Jersey Shore. 

Checklist for Best Romance Novel Ever

✓ BFF does not get left behind!

✓ A dress with working pockets!

✓ Toast to Girls Night Out!

✓ Toast to Damn the Patriarchy!

Checklist for Best Couple Ever

✓ He’s kind, compassionate and patient.

✓ He’s sexy, ripped and funny.

✓ She’s loud, bold and strong.

✓ She’s devoted to her BFF and her Art.

✓ They’re working together to raise their teenager.

Checklist for Best Hero Ever

✓ He makes a gift for her BFF!

✓ He’s sweet at that Time of the Month!

✓ He buys her a Romance Novel!

✓ He’s a Devoted Dad!

✓ He takes as long as she needs!

❤️️️ ❤️ ️❤️ LOVE  FAMILY  HOME ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Carrie’s a passionate artist and a Jersey Girl with seawater in her veins. She makes her art from the treasures she collects each day, walking the beaches of the New Jersey Shore.

Manny’s an architect and college professor. An Apache Native from New Mexico, he’s more at home in the mountains, but he moves to the Jersey Shore to be a better Dad to their teenage daughter.

Carrie’s Jersey. She doesn’t do calm. Manny’s quiet and takes his time to react. They were college sweethearts. Now, they’re strangers, each remembering the past differently.

Manny discovers his new boss wants to tear down Carrie’s house. Carrie will blow the roof off herself if she finds out. Manny must keep it from her, but there’s another secret that she’s been keeping from him. What will it take for them to learn to trust each other?

Together they will redefine the meaning of love, family and home.

A feel-good standalone story of multicultural romance with adult sex, realistic cursing, a bitch of a heroine, Jersey sarcasm and your next book boyfriend! 

Content Warning: There is mention of a sexual assault.

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He touched her on the arm gently. She looked at his hand. It was a touch like one would touch an old photograph, a memory, asking nothing, only remembering. His face was near. The shadows on it intrigued her. His lips were so thin on the corners and yet thick. So expressive. How could anyone draw the sensuousness of them? It was only a sprinkle of charcoal dust that defined them. She could, if she was brave enough, allow them to come into her space, that blank paper she held inside her.

She reached to his arm. Only to touch it. Only to move her thumb across the secret strength of his muscle.

So they each only touched each other on the arm. And yet, she felt all her senses condensed at that spot, as he rubbed his finger into her muscle and as she did the same to him. It wasn’t a memory. It was now.

Author Bio

Please visit my website for the latest updates and to join my mailing list.

My novels are all full stand-alone with beginning, middle and end, (no cliffhangers). I believe in Happy Ever After endings.

Ada Austen was born a Jersey Girl. She has lived in Monmouth County, NJ beach towns from Atlantic Highlands to Belmar. She currently lives in a small coastal city on the New Jersey shore called Asbury Park, and never plans to leave. ​She walks daily at the ocean, collecting shells, beachglass and stories.

Ada’s first novel, Helping Each Other, was published in October 2016. It is no longer in print, but she plans to release a revised edition someday. Her second novel, Better Late Than Never, is targeted for October 2020 release. She’s now working on her third novel, Boardwalk Ice which is set in Asbury Park. She’s targeting a 2021 release.

Author Links: Website * Newsletter * Twitter * Goodreads


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  1. Molli Taylor

    this looks like a great read

  2. BookLady

    What an interesting book! Great excerpt. I’d love to read more.

  3. anne

    Thanks for this wonderful feature and giveaway. The Jersey Shore is very special. I have visited several times for my summer vacation and loved every minute of the beach, boardwalk and beauty. So much fun and a real glimpse into how summers were in the good ole days. Asbury Park is great.

  4. Lee Todd

    congrats on the new release