November Reading Challenge: A Book with a Month in the Title

Quick update: Since I would like the monthly Reading Challenge to be the top post of the day, some months the posts might a day early or late. But not to worry-you can comment on both the challenge and discussion posts any time throughout the month!

Now onto this month’s challenge.

November’s Reading Challenge is to read a novel with a month in the title.

My selection for this month’s challenge is Dark August by Katie Tallo. I absolutely LOVE the book cover-that’s what first drew my attention. Then I read the summary and I knew I just had to read this mystery.

Dark August checks ALL my boxes. 1) A flawed lead character. Augusta “Gus” Monet has never comes to terms with her past. And her present is initially a little sketchy. 2) An old, unsolved case. Her deceased mom was a police detective and Gus finds her police files containing a cold case that was never solved. 3) Current events link back to an old case. In the present, a body is discovered that has ties to one of those old cases. 4) Amateur sleuth. Gus decides to investigate the case. 5) A GHOST town! Cue the spooky music when the investigation takes Gus to a deserted town where she searches for answers to whatever occurred there ten years earlier on an AUGUST night. 6) Secrets. What’s a cold case without a few secrets that someone never wants to see the light of day??

I am really looking forward to reading Dark August!

Please click HERE to learn more about Dark August.

I am looking forward to your selection!
Happy Reading!!

If you participated in last month’s challenge, check out the discussion post HERE and let us know if you met your challenge!

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  1. Suze

    I didn’t have any on my tbr, though a few I could reread. However, I have gone with buying Patrick Gale’s Kansas in August, so will see how it goes!!