Review: Shed No Tears by Caz Frear

Title: Shed No Tears by Caz Frear
Cat Kinsella Series Book Three
Publisher: Harper
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense
Length: 368 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Acclaimed and internationally bestselling crime novelist Caz Frear returns with her third superb novel featuring Cat Kinsella, a cop “on par with Susie Steiner’s and Tana French’s female detectives” (Kirkus Reviews).

Four victims. Killer caught. Case closed . . .  or is it?

Growing up in a London family with ties to organized crime, Detective Constable Cat Kinsella knows the criminal world better than most cops do. As a member of the city’s Metropolitan Police, she’s made efforts to distinguish herself from her relatives. But leading an upstanding life isn’t always easy, and Cat has come close to crossing the line, a fact she keeps well hidden from her superiors.

Working their latest case, Cat and her partner Luigi Parnell discover a connection to a notorious criminal: serial killer Christopher Masters, who abducted and killed several women in 2012. Though the cops eventually apprehended him, his final victim, Holly Kemp, was never found and he never confessed to her murder, despite the solid eyewitness testimony against him. Now, six years later, the discovery of Holly’s remains near Cambridge seems to be the definitive proof needed to close the case.

Still, a few key items of evidence don’t quite line up. As Cat and Parnell look closer, they find discrepancies that raise troubling questions. But someone will do anything to keep past secrets hidden—and as they inch closer to the truth, they may be putting themselves in jeopardy . . .


Shed No Tears by Caz Frear is a multi-layered mystery.  Although this newest release is the third installment in the Cat Kinsella series, it can be read as a standalone.

Detective Constable Cat Kinsella and her partner Detective Sergeant Luigi “Lu” Parnell are investigating the death of Holly Kemp. Holly went missing six years earlier and has long been presumed to be serial killer Christopher Masters’ last victim. The recent discovery of Holly’s remains raises questions about whether or not Masters murdered her. Cat and Lu are soon revisiting the previous investigation and they make very troubling discoveries that raise more questions than answers.  Did Masters kill Holly? And if he did not, will Cat and Lu find out who did?

Cat and Lu notice the differences between Holly’s murder and Masters’ victims right away. This brings up the intriguing possibility that Masters changed his MO with Holly but Cat does not believe this theory. When re-questioning  previous witnesses, Cat is left wondering whether or they are being truthful.  Lu is not quite as convinced as his partner but their boss DCI Kate Steele wants the truth about Holly’s killer. The investigation is a bit frustrating since they make little progress initially, but an absolutely stunning discovery takes the case in a shocking direction.

Cat is also dealing with a bit of family drama with her father. She keeps her professional and personal lives completely separate but it is getting harder for her to justify some of her past choices. She is in a long term relationship with Aiden Doyle but she has a decision to make that might affect their future together.

Shed No Tears is a clever mystery with a great cast of characters and a puzzling murder. Cat is a tenacious  detective with great instincts and a complicated personal life. The investigation is interesting and moves a slow but steady pace. With the disparate pieces of puzzle swiftly falling into place, Caz Frear brings this engrossing mystery to a very unanticipated conclusion. A brilliant addition to the Cat Kinsella series that old and new fans will enjoy.

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