Review: Suspicious Minds by David Mark

Title: Suspicious Minds by David Mark
Publisher: Severn House Publishers
Genre: Contemporary, Domestic Mystery, Suspense
Length: 263 pages
Book Rating: B

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When you’re dreaming, it’s dangerous to wake up . . . An addictive psychological thriller from David Mark, currently writing “at the top of his game” (Publishers Weekly)

Liz Zahavi is desperate. Desperate for her controlling partner, Jay, to stay with her, to actually love her. Desperate to be well again, after a recent diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. Desperate to be understood.

Private therapy seems like the answer to her prayers, but Liz doesn’t even make it to her first appointment. Lost in a maze of country roads, she crashes her car, only to be rescued by a brooding local farmer . . . who just keeps on rescuing her. Attractive and intense, Jude is a dream, and Liz doesn’t want to wake up.

But four years ago, Jude’s perfect, pretty wife died alone in the woods near their house. And as Jude’s past boils into the present, threatening to destroy their new happiness, Liz begins to wonder what exactly her new man is capable of . . . and how far he’s willing to go.


Suspicious Minds by David Mark is a multi-layered domestic mystery.

Elizabeth “Liz” Zahavi has recently discovered she has Boderline Personality Disorder. But she is placed on a waiting list for treatment. She lives with her boyfriend Jay and does not work outside the home.  After Jay finally agrees to pay for a private counselor, Liz sets up her first appointment. Unfortunately she gets lost in the countryside and crashes into another vehicle on her way to meet the psychologist. This unlucky series of events ultimately ends up changing her life when she is rescued by Jude Cullen. After a traumatic encounter with Jay, Liz, (who now calls herself Betsy), moves in with Jude.

Liz and her sister Carly’s childhood was dysfunctional and they eventually ended up in foster care. While Carly mostly has her life together, Liz has not been as lucky. Although not entirely happy living with Jay, she stays with him since she has limited options. Now she has a definitive diagnosis, Liz hopes she can to get her negative thoughts and wild mood swings under control.

After her car accident, Liz is intrigued by Jude and she looks forward to his texts. At the same time, she discovers shocking information about Jay and her reaction sets in motion a violent confrontation with him. Jude offers her a quiet place to land in the aftermath and she is happy with their solitary life. However, Betsy is unable to quiet the little voice that keeps telling her he is too good to be true.

Jude does have a rather tragic past that he does not talk about. He is also locked in a battle of wills with a wealthy landowner. Betsy continues to push aside her misgivings but she will soon have no choice but to confront Jude about the secrets he is keeping. Their relationship remains fraught and Betsy begins to harbor doubts about her decision to live with him.  Continuing to ignore her misgivings, Jude’s issues eventually become a looming problem that are becoming increasingly dangerous.

Suspicious Minds is a clever mystery with an interesting cast of characters. Betsy is often her own worst enemy as she tries to protect herself emotionally. Jude is an even-tempered caring man with a mysterious past. With the tension building to an unbearable pitch, David Mark brings this unique domestic mystery to a suspenseful conclusion. An outstanding mystery I highly recommend to fans of the  genre.

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