January Reading Challenge Discussion

January’s Reading Challenge was a “new” theme. New author, new series, etc. I selected a “new to me” author and I LOVED the mystery I read!

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins is a domestic mystery that is a clever twist on an old classic.

Jane is a dog-walker in an expensive neighborhood and she definitely does not fit in with the dogs’ owners. She is enthralled with  the largest mansion in the exclusive enclave and when she meets the home’s owner Eddie Rochester, her life goes in a decidedly appreciated upward direction.

Jane is completely charmed by Eddie and once they begin seeing each other, she moves in and leaves her old life behind. She has a bit of a checkered past but she does reveal little pieces of it in bits and pieces. Jane is delighted at the life she shares with Eddie but she is a little intimidated as she tries to fit in with the wives she used to work for. Jane’s relationship with Eddie is fun but as time goes by, she can no longer ignore the little things she picks up on about him.

Jane’s chapters  are interspersed with intriguing entries that provide fascinating information about Eddie’s wife Bea. These details are certainly interesting and leave many unanswered questions about Eddie and what happened the night of Bea’s girls’ trip with her childhood friend Blanche.  Will Jane find out the secrets he has been keeping about his wife?

The Wife Upstairs is a mesmerizing mystery with a well-written storyline and interesting characters. Jane is easy to like despite her somewhat mysterious past. Eddie is certainly charming but what lurks beneath his easy-going surface? With shocking twists and cunning turns,  Rachel Hawkins brings this brilliant domestic mystery to a surprising conclusion. Absolutely loved and highly recommend.

Please click HERE to learn more about The Wife Upstairs.

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2 Responses to January Reading Challenge Discussion

  1. Suze

    I read Crimson Lake/Candice Fox after your review. Well, I was engrossed, whilst always being on edge like Ted must be. He and Amanda must be the most misfit PI’s ever!!
    I enjoyed the resolution of Amanda’s history and the teaser for Ted’s – I went out and got book 2 & 3 straight away!!(And have just finished Book 2 Redemption, even more wow!)