Review: An Unexpected Amish Proposal by Rachel J. Good

Title: An Unexpected Amish Proposal by Rachel J. Good
Surprised by Love Series Book One
Publisher: Zebra Books
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 384 pages
Book Rating: B

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Sometimes love is found in the most unexpected places—as three blessed men will discover in Rachel J. Good’s heartwarming Amish romance series, set in a bustling Pennsylvania community . . .

When an organic farm causes rents to skyrocket at the Valley Green Farmer’s Market, Fern Blauch’s family baked goods stand is driven to the edge of eviction. . . . Until a mysterious temporary reprieve. Fern is confused when she discovers the benefactor is barbecued chicken stand owner—and her longtime crush—Gideon Hartzler. She’s grateful, but pridefully tells him she intends to pay him back. If only she can find a new place to sell her wares . . .

To stay competitive, and help as many others as he can, Gideon expands his stand to provide full meals—including dessert. That’s where Fern comes in. As the two work long hours, side-by-side, business booms—and so does their attraction. Still, the demands of caring for aging parents and struggling relatives cause them to hide any feelings beyond friendship. But as new challenges emerge and Gideon and Fern turn more deeply to their faith, and to each other, will love find a place at their table?


An Unexpected Amish Proposal by Rachel J. Good is a warm-hearted Amish romance.

Fern Blauch loves working in her family’s baked good stand at the Valley Green Family Market. She and the people who work the other stands have formed warm friendships over the years. They are shocked when the new owner, Russell Evans, raises their rent so high they will not be able to turn a profit. Realizing they will most likely go out of business, Gideon Hartzler steps in and strikes a secret deal with Russell in order to give Fern and the others the opportunity to decide their next steps. When the two months are up, what will happen to Fern and the others?

Fern is a kind-hearted young woman who genuinely cares about others. She has long had a crush on Gideon but she tries to hide her interest in him.  When she unexpectedly gets the chance to continue selling her baked goods, they spend their days in close proximity. Pleased to spend most of her days with him, Fern’s hopes are soon dashed he might view her in a more romantic light. When she believes someone else has captured his heart, will Fern continue to work with Gideon?

Gideon is a loyal person who always keeps his word. He bears more than his share of responsibility as he works his family’s chicken stand, helps his widowed sister-in-law with her children and takes on the mess his deceased brother left behind. Gideon often acts before he thinks and several situations in his life begin to spiral out of control. Then there is his inconvenient attraction to Fern…

The majority of the story takes place in the Market. The daily contact between Fern and Gideon gives each other even more to admire as they deftly handle issues with compassion. They also assist a troubled teen as his relationship with his father deteriorates. Gideon faces a new quandary when he feels vaguely threatened by a businessman who recently begins working at the Market. In between drama, misunderstandings and weighty personal obligations, Fern and Gideon’s feelings for each other continue to deepen.

With a tiny hint of mystery, An Unexpected Amish Proposal is a sweet Amish romance. The plot is engaging with interesting story arcs. Gideon and Fern are wonderfully developed with realistic foibles, strong faith and giving hearts.  Rachel J. Good brings this charming novel to a sigh-worthy conclusion. Fans of Amish romances are sure to enjoy this first installment in the Surprised by Love series.

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