Review Picnic in Someday Valley by Jodi Thomas

Title: Picnic in Someday Valley by Jodi Thomas
Honey Creek Series Book Two
Publisher: Zebra Books
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B

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The charming and uplifting new novel from the legendary author of dozens of unforgettable romances! Travel to the small town of Honey Creek where ties run deep and happiness is just around the next river bend…

Marcie Latimer longs to run away from Someday Valley—especially since her ex-boyfriend spun a web of lies that almost led to tragedy in neighboring Honey Creek. Little wonder so many locals have turned their backs on her. But not Brand Rodgers. The quiet cowboy comes to listen every time she sings at Bandit’s Bar, offering a glimpse of safety and calm that Marcie’s rarely known.

After Texas Ranger Colby McBride saved Honey Creek’s mayor, Piper Mackenzie, from a fire, she claimed him with a kiss. That was five months ago, and Colby still isn’t sure where they’re headed. Piper loves her town—but does she love Colby? And is he even ready for what comes next?

Pecos Smith, Honey Creek’s emergency dispatcher, is grateful to have a new bride he adores and a baby on the way—even if one vital piece of the puzzle is missing. But as trouble comes stalking through the valley, lives will cross surprising paths. And Marcie, who’s always felt that a forever love was out of reach, might discover that Someday is the perfect place to find it .


Picnic in Someday Valley by Jodi Thomas is a sweet, homespun, romance. Although this newest release is the second novel in the Honey Creek series, it can be read as a standalone.

Marci Latimer has been down on her luck ever since her previous boyfriend’s arrest and conviction. She is living in an unsafe area but it is close to the bar where she sings on weekends. Marci’s car is currently out of commission so she has not followed through with the plans she has been making for her future. After a group of drunken bar customers try to hurt her, she and local cowboy Brand Rodgers form a friendship that  quietly grows into something deeper. The threat of flooding in nearby Honey Creek provides an unexpected opportunity that could help her get back on her feet. With one of the men who tried to attack her threatening her, Marci decides it is time for her to stop being so timid. With Brand’s assistance, she is prepared for whatever comes her way.

Marci loves spending time with Brand but the taciturn cowboy does not reveal much about himself. They enjoy quiet evenings together and he makes her feel incredibly safe and cared for during their time together. Brand is very supportive of Marci’s recent decisions and he will do anything to keep her out of harm’s way.

In nearby Honey Creek, farmer, widower and father of three Jesse Keaton is suddenly smitten with bakery owner Adalee. He makes up excuses to see her but he does not see any way he can ask her out. Between working his farm and caring for his children, Jesse has very little free time. Needless to say, he is taken off guard when Adalee appears to be attracted to him as well. But is there any chance they will be able to see where a relationship between them might go?

Honey Creek Mayor Piper Mackenzie is still involved with a long-distance relationship with Texas Ranger Colby McBride. But their time together is very limited due to both of their demanding careers. Piper is excited about Colby’s upcoming visit but their severe lack of communication is becoming a huge problem. Will Colby find a way to salvage their fractured relationship?

Picnic in Someday Valley is a heartwarming romance with a wonderful, downhome cast of characters. The various characters are vividly developed and very easy to like. The various story arcs fit together seamlessly as their lives begin to intersect.  The different  romances are marvelous to watch unfold as the couples figure out how to make their lives fit together. With a hint of suspense, Jodi Thomas brings this small-town romance to a heartfelt conclusion. Old and new fans of the Honey Creek are sure to love this newest installment.


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  1. Thanks for your wonderful review, Kathy! I hope your readers will fall in love with Honey Creek where I’ve been “living” lately!!