May Reading Challenge Discussion

May’s Reading Challenge was to read a novel in a Genre You Rarely Read.

I selected The Vicar and the Rake, the first book in Annabelle Greene’s new series, Society of Beasts. Once upon a time, the only genre that I read the most was historical romances. But in recent years, there are not as many historical novels that appeal to me, so I am always thrilled to find one that catches my attention.

Now it is time for me to confess that once again real life got in the way of reading my challenge book=. I did begin The Vicar and the Rake but I did not have the chance to finish it. What I did read I really enjoyed and I am hoping to find time to finish it soon.

Please click HERE to learn more about The Vicar and the Rake.

Did you enjoy the book you selected for this month’s challenge? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts about your selection!


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2 Responses to May Reading Challenge Discussion

  1. suze

    I read Like the First Moon Landing by Matthew Metzger.
    SciFi is not a regular genre to me and whilst this was set in space, it wasn’t so out there that I was uncomfortable.
    The mystery element of what happened to The Swift is gradually revealed, though this is book 1 so there is a sort of cliff-hanger at the end.
    The other theme is the two MC’s – Maggie and Lidia. They meet on the Swift and their journey is one of learning about themselves and each other and accepting themselves and each other.
    I enjoyed it, not really a romance though Maggie and Lidia definitely have a closeness.