Review: You Can Never Tell by Sarah Warburton

Title: You Can Never Tell by Sarah Warburton
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Genre: Contemporary, Domestic Mystery
Length: 288 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty and Joshilyn Jackson, Sarah Warburton’s chilling thriller, inspired by the Moors Murders, explores the twisted side of suburbia.

Framed for embezzlement by her best friend Aimee, museum curator Kacy Tremain and her husband Michael move from New Jersey to a charming Texas suburb to escape their past. Kacy quickly makes new friends–preppy, inscrutable Elizabeth, chatty yet evasive Rahmia, and red-headed, unapologetic Lena. But good friends aren’t always what they seem.

As she navigates the unexpectedly cutthroat social scene of her new town, Kacy begins to receive taunting postcards–and worse, discovers cameras hidden in the wall of her home. Lena and her husband, Brady, reassure her that the cameras are just relics of the paranoid previous homeowner . Once the cameras are removed and Kacy’s fears are quelled, Kacy and Michael make the happy discovery that they are going to be new parents.

Months after the birth of their daughter, Michael accidentally makes a shocking discovery about Brady’s past. And when Lena suddenly goes missing, Kacy and Michael begin to uncover the truth about their neighbors–and it’s more terrible than anyone could have imagined.

Interlaced with transcripts of a chilling “true crime” podcast that follow the tangled threads of the drama, You Can Never Tell is a taut and complex psychological thriller that never lets up until its breathless conclusion.


You Can Never Tell by Sarah Warburton is a scintillating domestic mystery that will leave readers taking a closer look at their friends and neighbors.

Kacy Tremaine and her husband Michael have relocated from New Jersey to Texas. Kacy left her job in disgrace after her best friend Aimee McFadden framed her crime she did not commit. Unable to seek employment in her career field, she is still battling depression and her anger at the stunning betrayal. Since she cannot  work in her field, Kacy is in desperate need of a distraction. Their neighborhood has a social group that fundraises for various causes but does she have the patience for some of the women’s cattiness?

As Kacy and Michael settle into their new life, they make some unsettling discoveries inside their home. Believing their friends that all is safe, the couple move onto the next stage of life when Kacy learns she is pregnant. After giving birth, their life takes a decidedly shocking turn that culminates with Kacy finding the courage to do whatever it takes to protect her family.

You Can Never Tell is a fast-paced and engaging domestic mystery. Kacy’s journey from depressed and insecure to fierce protector is marvelously captured as she is confronted with the unthinkable. Michael is wonderful husband who will do anything for his wife. Kacy’s friendships heal her wounds but has she once again misjudged the people with whom she interacts with on a regular basis? With plenty of action, Sarah Warburton brings this clever and unique domestic mystery to an exciting yet dangerous conclusion.

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