Tour Stop, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Cursed Princess by Alexa Michaels

Title: The Cursed Princess by Alexa Michaels
Kyra Baxter Series Book One
Publisher: Indie
Genre: Adult, Urban Fantasy
Length: 360 pages


A fresh and dark urban fantasy abounding with treacherous secrets, desperate fights, and an angsty romances that could ignite the pages.

I’m Kyra Baxter. Once, I was human—now, I learn it’s all a lie.

As the top student at my university and the best intern in Dallas, I thought my life was built in the clouds, and I was on top of the world.
But then…it all crashed hard.

A murdered friend.
A secret world.
A mysterious warrior.

It’s safe to say that the life I thought was solid will never rise from the rubble. It’s time to move on, and live the life I was always meant for–what I was born for. Except there are those who want to make sure that never happens. In fact, if I don’t move quickly, the enemy who I’d been hidden from is coming for blood.

The curse I bear has blocked my memories, so I’m left to blindly navigate this new world. And when a swarthy male saunters into my life, I’m forced to face a ghost from the past without knowing who he is and was, and what he wants.

He says he’s here to help.
He admits he’s keeping secrets.

As our attraction grows, all I know is that if I want to break this curse, I’m going to need his help. And unless I heed the warnings my late friend spent her dying moment’s telling me, everyone I know and love could end up butchered.

This curse could be the death of all those I hold dear.

If you like fierce heroines, powerful heroes, terrible secrets, and slow-burn romances, then read the urban fantasy The Cursed Princess, the first book in the Kyra Baxter Trilogy!

**This is the beginning of a trilogy and ends in a “to be continued” cliffhanger.

***Author’s note: this book is intended for a mature audience in terms of content, language, and passionate happily ever afters!

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From Chapter 4

I made to stand up, but Visha set her sangria down a little too forcefully and snapped her fingers to get my attention. I stopped and considered her.

“So, now that I’ve got your attention,” she said with a pointed look, “I’m going to say something. I’m not sure you want to hear it, but I don’t know if there is a good time to hear it anyway.”

Oh boy, here it comes. Raising my mug, I said quickly, “If you get me another one of these, I’ll be your most attentive listener.”

“That’s my girl!” Visha did a head bob and scampered to fetch the pitcher, which she then brought to the couch. After she poured some more alcohol into my mug, she clasped her hands. “I’m just going to say it: Maybe Cadan isn’t the guy for you.”

By some miracle, I was able to keep from spitting my drink all over the floor. Coughing, I gave Visha a pointed look. I was expecting her to say something like I needed to learn self-defense, or I should be worried about having a stalker—not this. This was the first time I’d heard anyone I was close to question my boyfriend.

I shook my head, and carefully thought through an appropriate answer. Taking a long pull of my drink, I bought myself another second. Humor. That was the way to take this. I swallowed the potent liquid disguised with fruit before saying, “Is it because an altruistic stranger walked me to my car, and now he’s my destiny?”

It was supposed to be funny.

However, the look Visha gave me was filled with utter shock. I felt certain she was going to say something, and that kernel of light inside me sprang to life. But then her eyes looked down at her fingers, which were clasped in her lap. It was so unlike the vibrant, outgoing woman I’d come to know and adore the last few years. Whatever was on her mind though wasn’t to be shared.

Author Bio

When Alexa isn’t writing, she can be found with a book in her lap and a mug of coffee or glass of red wine within reach. A native of the North Woods, Alexa is an avid lake-jumper, beach lounger, and sunshine lover.

Alexa is living a happily ever after with her own steamy hero. Together they have an English Springer fur-baby and would love a few more!

Alexa loves any type of love story. So you can find her writing both contemporary romance and fantasy novels. Instead of making a separate pen name, Alexa just adds her middle initial to her fantasy genre books!

Alexa H. Michaels ~ Author of Fantasy

Alexa Michaels ~ Author of Romance

Author Links: Website * Twitter * Goodreads * Instagram


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  1. Anne

    Intriguing and captivating. Excellent excerpt.

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    This has a great cover. Love the graphics. I enjoyed the excerpt.

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    What a fascinating book! Great cover and excerpt. I’d love to read more.

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