November Reading Challenge: Start a New Series

November’s Reading Challenge is to start reading a new series.

With only two months left in 2021, I am looking forward to the new year and hopefully a new beginning to a year that is a little closer to normal. Covid has taken its toll around the world and despite attempts to go back to the old normal, I think it is time to accept that we are going to have to adjust to a “new” normal.

So, with “new” on my mind, I keep thinking how much I love starting a new series. The characters and their lives are unknown yet there is so much anticipation about diving into their lives. And series are wonderful because you have the best of both worlds: something new to look forward to but the comfortable setting and a few familiar faces with subsequent books.

My selection for this month’s challenge is Rescue You by Elysia Whisler. This first installment in the Dogwood County series has everything I love in a book: Dogs!! Sisters! Emotions! Romance! And I won’t have to wait long to read the next book in the series!

Can you tell I’m excited to read Constance and Rhett’s story?

Please click HERE to learn more about Rescue You.

I am looking forward to your selection!
Happy Reading!!

If you participated in last month’s challenge, check out the discussion post HERE and let us know if you met your challenge!


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2 Responses to November Reading Challenge: Start a New Series

  1. Suze

    I am going with Arthropoda by Xenia Melzer – a twisty murder story (just my thing) and complicated slow burn romance apparently.