Review: Freedom’s Song by Kim Vogel Sawyer

Title: Freedom’s Song by Kim Vogel Sawyer
Publisher: WaterBrook
Genre: Historical, Christian, Romance
Length: 352 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Her voice made her a riverboat’s darling—and its prisoner. Now she’s singing her way to freedom in this powerful novel from the bestselling author of The Librarian of Boone’s Hollow.

Indentured servant Fanny Beck has been forced to sing for riverboat passengers since she was a girl. All she wants is to live a quiet, humble life with her family as soon as her seven-year contract is over. So when she discovers that the captain has no intention of releasing her, she seizes a sudden opportunity to escape—an impulse that leads Fanny to a group of enslaved people who are on their own dangerous quest for liberty. . . .

Widower Walter Kuhn is overwhelmed by his responsibilities to his farm and young daughter, and now his mail-order bride hasn’t arrived. Could a beautiful stranger seeking work be the answer to his prayers? . . .

After the star performer of the River Peacock is presumed drowned, Sloan Kirkpatrick, the riverboat’s captain, sets off to find her replacement. However, his journey will bring him face to face with his own past—and a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be free. . . .

Uplifting, inspiring, and grounded in biblical truth, Freedom’s Song is a story for every reader who has longed for physical, emotional, or spiritual delivery.


Freedom’s Song by Kim Vogel Sawyer is a heartfelt historical Christian romance.

Due to Fanny Beck’s wondrous singing ability, she and her family secured passage from Scotland to America. The only catch? She is indentured to riverboat captain Sloan Kirkpatrick for seven years. When her contract is about to expire, Fanny learns Kirkpatrick has no intention of setting her free. She is planning to leave when she takes advantage of an unexpected opportunity to escape. Fanny is aided by an on the family of slaves who are seeking their own freedom. She in turn helps them reach safety but she must now figure out a new way to reach her family in New York. When her luck runs out, Fanny meets widowed farmer Walter Kuhn who welcomes her offer to take care of his young daughter Annaliese.

Once Fanny realizes her family has been taken advantage of by Kirkpatrick, she begins planning her departure. Although she has been exposed to people from many walks of life, her faith remains strong. Fanny is a determined young woman but she is very touched by the enslaved family who is seeking their own freedom. She refuses to leave them behind and does all she can to aid them during their journey. When Fanny meets Walter, she is initially cautious but he quickly wins her over by his gentle care of Annaliese. She is grateful for the chance to earn the money to continue her travels. But Fanny does not realize how much she will come to care for both Annaliese and Walter.

Walter is stricken with guilt over his wife’s death. Although he deeply loves his deceased wife, he agrees to ask his parents to send him a mail-order bride. Walter is incredibly grateful when Fanny agrees to take care of Annaliese. Her gentle care and abiding faith slowly work their way into his heart but is there any future for them since Walter has given his word to marry the woman his parents pick for him?

Freedom’s Song is a captivating novel with a bucolic setting and appealing characters. Fanny is very sweet with an incredibly strong faith. Walter is a little shy and insecure yet very protective of the people he cares about. Kirkpatrick is a bit of a villain but he does undergo some character growth. With a late in the story complication, Kim Vogel Sawyer brings this beautiful historical romance to a very heartwarming conclusion.

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