Review: The Devil’s Choir by Martin Michaud

Title: The Devil’s Choir by Martin Michaud
Victor Lessard Series Book Two
Publisher: Dundurn Press
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: 448 pages
Book Rating: B

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In this intricate, intense mystery from the acclaimed “master of the Quebec thriller,” the ghosts of Victor Lessard’s past come back to haunt him as he investigates a horrific murder-suicide that doesn’t add up.

When a young Montreal family dies in an orgy of bloody violence, all signs point to a rampage by the father. But Victor Lessard isn’t convinced. The brilliant, brooding detective suspects that others were involved in the killings. But who? And why? As Lessard struggles to solve the puzzle, the discovery of a nightmarish chamber of horrors seems to confirm that the murders are part of a wider pattern.

Meanwhile, in the Major Crimes Unit, Jacinthe Taillon is investigating the strange kidnapping of Laila François, a former street kid turned webcam girl. Could there be a connection with Lessard’s case?

With a ghost from his past making him doubt his own sanity, Lessard must evade the lethal operatives of a powerful, highly secretive organization as he races to untangle the mystery ― before a diabolical killer can strike again.


The Devil’s Choir by Martin Michaud is a perplexing mystery set in Montreal. Although this newest release is the second installment in the Victor Lessard series, it can be read as a standalone.

Detective Sergeant Victor Lessard is haunted by both his current case and his deceased brother as he works on a suspected murder/suicide. Troubling aspects at the scene include an incredibly high number of flies and shocking self-inflicted wounds in addition to an inexplicable wound on suspected killer John Cook. By all appearances, John murdered his wife and children before taking his own life. Lessard is immediately is thrust back into his past as he tries to prove this case is not as open and shut as it appears.

Meanwhile, there is a secondary story arc involving a young sex worker who goes missing. Laila is in the process of straightening out her life while at the same time fearing someone from her past will find her. When she is initially kidnapped, Laila believes she knows who has taken her, but she quickly realizes she is wrong.

The Devil’s Choir is a multi-layered mystery with a memorable storyline. Lessard is sinking into depression as he loses sleep while trying to figure exactly what happened in the Cook household. The plot is interesting but sometimes a little confusing due to the sheer number of characters. With many unpredictable twists and turns,  Martin Michaud brings this clever mystery to an unanticipated conclusion.

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