Tour Stop, Excerpt & Giveaway: Nothing Left to Lose by A.J. Wills

Title: Nothing Left to Lose by A.J. Wills
Publisher: Cherry Tree Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Adult, Psychological Thriller
Length: 362 pages


When you’ve lost everything – revenge is all that’s left…

Abi should be at home celebrating after helping to put two murderers behind bars for a sickening attack on a pensioner in his own home.

Instead, she’s gone missing, her phone’s switched off and her husband, Henry is frantic with worry.

But Abi’s disappearance is only the start of his troubles.

Who’s the mysterious hooded man loitering outside the house in the dark?

Why has someone etched a cryptic message into the windscreen of Abi’s car?

And what’s the meaning of the creepy, anonymous letter that’s been pushed through their front door?

All Henry knows for sure is someone’s trying to scare him.

Someone hellbent on revenge.

And they’re not going to stop until they’ve brought him to his knees and exacted a deadly retribution…

Nothing Left To Lose is an electrifying psychological thriller full of twists and turns from the No. 1 bestselling author of His Wife’s Sister.

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As I finish my tea, my gaze falls on the stack of letters I’d put to one side. I sift through them one by one. A glossy brochure in a transparent plastic wrapper addressed to Abi. An electricity bill. The offer of a new credit card from a bank I’ve never heard of. And a charity begging letter seeking donations for a new animal sanctuary, complete with the obligatory pictures of sad-looking dogs.

Lastly, I open the plain white envelope, imagining it’s one of those clever marketing campaigns to trick you into thinking you’ve received an actual letter from a real person. Inside is a single sheet of milk-white paper. Curious, I unfold it and smooth it out on the table. There are four printed lines of text. No company name or logo. No sales pitch. No fancy marketing copy. I turn the sheet over, but it’s blank on the other side. It’s weird. As I read, my breath catches in my throat.

One death was too much.

Two is unbearable.

An eye for an eye seems only fair after what you’ve done.

So now I have nothing left to lose, I’ll see you in hell.

I read it over again twice more with my hand trembling and the sensation that the ground is falling away under my chair.

One death was too much?

Whose death?

And two is unbearable?

I immediately think of the Farrows. I bet this is their work. Its exact meaning isn’t entirely clear, but the sentiment is obvious. I was right. They blame Abi for Jimmy and Dean’s convictions. And now they want revenge.

An eye for an eye?

I’ll see you in hell?

It chimes with the message etched into the glass on Abi’s Mini. I flush hot and cold. This feels serious. Is it a death threat? What else can it possibly be? And whoever wrote it must have been to the house to deliver it. That means they came right up the drive and stood on the doorstep.

I should call Abi. But what about the girls? Are they in danger? Should I collect them from school early, just in case? Or am I overreacting? It’s only a letter. Words on a piece of paper. But the tone and the language are deeply disturbing.

Perhaps I should call the police. Or is it better to ignore it?

I have absolutely no idea what to do.

Author Bio

AJ Wills is the number one Kindle bestselling author of multiple psychological thrillers.

He was a journalist for 20 years and also ran the communications department at a national charity in the UK.

He has been writing full time since March 2021 and runs the small independent publishing company, Cherry Tree Publishing, with his wife, AJ McDine, a fellow thriller author.

“I’ve always loved thrillers, but psychological thrillers hold a special interest for me because they’re about the scary, insane, disturbing things that happen to ordinary people – and we can all relate to them on some level,” he said.

He lives in Kent in the UK with wife, Amanda, their two teenage sons and two cats.

You can find out more about him by visiting his website:

Or contact him directly at

Author Links: Website * Facebook * Goodreads * Instagram


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