Tour Stop, Excerpt & Giveaway: Cruel Savior by E.M. Gayle

Title: Cruel Savior by E.M. Gayle
Publisher: Gypsy Ink Books
Genre: Contemporary, Adult, Romance
Length: 296 pages


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author E.M. Gayle, comes a dark and sexy enemies-to-lovers second-chance MC romance.

I’m no damsel in distress and he’s not my white knight, but that’s not going to keep him from charging after a killer determined to get his revenge.

I’ve made so many mistakes. Some worth it, most not. Getting involved with him again would be the biggest one of them all.

I knew when I saw him for the first time after a decade that going home was the worst idea possible. But that one moment brought it all back. The heartache. The pain. The longing…

Now my identity has been burned and I have nowhere else to go. I may not be worthy of a second chance, but neither is he. He’s also too dangerous to ignore.

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“Thanks for joining us.” JD smirked, the cock of one eyebrow a clear warning that I needed to settle down. Something not likely to happen if this went the way I expected it to go.

“I didn’t know we had a meeting.”

“Turner has an urgent request for us. I thought you should be here for the whole story, so it didn’t have to be repeated secondhand.”

I turned to our guest, and at the sight of his scowl in my direction, I had to swallow down the desire to tell him to fuck off and walk out. He didn’t like me any more than I liked him, so why he kept coming to the club for help made no damned sense. Except that if you had a situation that needed to be handled outside the law there weren’t too many other people to go to.

Finally, he looked away and leaned forward, placing his hands on our sacred table that held our club emblem on it. Something about that only riled me further. He needed to get the fuck on with it.

“We had an incident out at the ranch today, and to put it frankly, it’s way more complicated than my personal security team or the Sultan police department can handle.”

“And?” I asked, when he paused for too long without elaborating.

“A package was delivered to the house, and my wife had the unpleasant experience of opening it. She nearly lost her mind. It was her screaming that my entire security team responded to, and then they called me. Finding my wife with blood on her hands and arms freaked out our entire staff, and now half of them are too scared to come inside the house.”

This time, JD beat me to the next question.

“What was in it?”

His face paled and his lips compressed into a grim line as he pulled his phone out of his front jacket pocket and swiped his finger across the screen. “I can show you.”

He handed the phone over to JD.

“Holy, fuck. Is that—” JD touched the screen with two fingers and zoomed in on the image. “Who is it?”

I couldn’t take it anymore and I stood to round the table.

“A former coworker of my daughter.”

I froze mid step, changed course, and retook my seat. Those were not the words I’d wanted to hear. Only my respect for my president kept me from walking straight out the door. JD gave me a warning look and handed over the phone.

Jesus hell. Good thing I had a strong stomach. Based on the conversation thus far, I don’t know what I’d expected. But a bloody severed head in a box was definitely not it.

Author Bio

E.M. Gayle is a Top 10 New York Times bestselling author devoted to writing romances for readers who love hot and dirty alpha males. She is best known as the creator of the popular Purgatory Masters and Purgatory Club series, but her latest Outlaw Justice series is hotter than ever!

She lives in a small town across the water from Seattle where you are likely to find her writing books, hunting treasure or watching super hero movies at her favorite nearby theater. She and her real life hero husband (he spends his days in a Blackhawk with a National Guard Medivac unit) love to take pictures, many of which you can see on her Instagram page AuthorEMGayle.

Author Links: Website * Facebook * Twitter * Goodreads * Instagram * TikTok


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