Review: Wolf Hollow by Victoria Houston

Title: Wolf Hollow by Victoria Houston
Lew Ferris Mystery Series Book One
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: 282 pages
Book Rating: B

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Murder stalks the Wisconsin northwoods in a gripping novel from the author of the acclaimed Loon Lake mysteries.

It’s mid-May in the tiny northwoods Wisconsin town of Loon Lake, and the fish are biting. Walleye’s not the only thing on the hook. There are rumors that a precious vein of nickel and copper is buried on the property of wealthy Grace McDonough, and the drilling is about to begin. But not if environmentalist Pete Ferris can help it.

When Grace’s 24-year-old son, Noah, is caught in a sordid sex crime, police chief Lew Ferris makes the arrest. But a day later, Lew is stricken when her brother Pete turns up dead, a bloody pry bar found in the woods nearby. Then, Grace’s body is discovered in a car at the bottom of a river–and Noah has vanished. Lew puts out a statewide APB, but before long, Noah is also found murdered on the McDonough property.

It’s beginning to look like mother and son were killed by the same person. And when Lew learns that her brother had planned to file a lawsuit to prevent drilling for the sulfide mine, a key piece of the puzzle suddenly falls into place.

Lew is beginning to close in on the truth. But has the killer set his bait again, angling for his biggest catch yet?


Wolf Hollow by Victoria Houston is an engaging small-town mystery. This first installment in the Lew Ferris Mystery series is a continuation of the Loon Lake Mystery series, but it can be read as a standalone.

Police Chief Lewellyn “Lew” Ferris is busy with her campaign for Sheriff when her beloved brother Pete is murdered. He and a group of activists have been working to prevent a mining company from destroying the nearby rivers. Lew’s investigation is interrupted by the discovery of landowner Grace McDonough’s body. Then Grace’s son Noah also turns up dead. Lew cannot help but suspect the three deaths are connected but will she unmask the killer before he/she strikes again?

Loon Lake, Wisconsin is a close-knit community that relies on tourism to keep it afloat. If the mining company purchases the land and begins mining, the residents fear the environmental damage will destroy the nearby rivers and lakes. Lew has her work cut out for her as she investigates the recent murders. She is also mourning the loss of her beloved brother while also trying to stay out of his recent widow’s way. Lew relies on her trusted circle of friends to help her throughout the investigation.

With an idyllic setting and small-town charm, Wolf Hollow is an inviting cozy mystery with an appealing cast of characters. Lew is no stranger to loss and she does not let her grief prevent her from investigating the spate of murders. She has an excellent support system to assist her both personally and professionally. The search for the murderer(s) is interesting and Lew follows the evidence where it leads her. With clever twists and turns, Victoria Houston brings this intriguing mystery to a satisfying conclusion.


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2 Responses to Review: Wolf Hollow by Victoria Houston

  1. I like a small-town mystery, and I like the environmental angle as well. Terrific review, Kathy

    • Book Reviews & More by Kathy

      Thank you, Wendy. I love small-town mysteries and the environmental aspect made it very unique.