April Reading Challenge Discussion

April’s Reading Challenge was to read a novel with the author’s First, Middle & Last Names on the cover (full names, NO initials).

I selected The Ones We Keep by Bobbie Jean Huff and I once again completed the challenge!

Spanning three decades, The Ones We Keep is an engrossing but sad story.

Olivia, her husband Harry and their three young sons are vacationing at a resort in Vermont when tragedy strikes. A babysitter is with the boys while Olivia is out hiking and Harry is playing tennis. Olivia is almost back to the resort when she learns that one of her sons has drowned. Instead of finding out which son she has lost, she just walks away and starts a new life.

Olivia’s life is spartan and she never fully puts her loss behind her. She does not dwell on it nor does she ever wonder if she made the wrong decision. Her childhood provides a plausible reason for her decision but Olivia’s choice is difficult to understand.

Harry and his two sons return home and struggle to overcome their grief. Harry is never the same and he cannot let go of the love he shared with Olivia. The boys grow up but one of them is unable to understand or move past his mother’s abandonment. The other boy has his own problems yet he manages to be successful in his career and personal life.

The Ones We Keep is very well-written with well-drawn characters. The storyline is interesting and fast-paced. While a pensive read, Bobbie Jean Huff ends the novel on a positive note.

Please click HERE to learn more about The Ones We Keep.


Did you enjoy the book you selected for this month’s challenge? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts about your selection!


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2 Responses to April Reading Challenge Discussion

  1. suze

    I read Schooled in Murder by Mark Richard Zubro.
    This is book 12 in the series, written in 2008.
    One of my least favourites in the series, mainly because it sounded like a hobby horse of the author – an over micromanaged school system – don’t know whether it is representative, but seemed too many unqualified people held sway – its a foreign system, so could just be my ignorance!
    the murder element was OK, but I think the series is a bit tired and same-y now – Tom and Scott seem to glide through life as well.
    two more left in the series but can’t find them to buy so likely this is the end for me with Tom and Scott

  2. Book Reviews & More by Kathy

    He’s a US author so that probably explains it. I’m sorry you didn’t like care for this one and can’t finish the series. I hate it when that happens!