Review: Like a Sister by Kellye Garrett

Title: Like a Sister by Kellye Garrett
Publisher: Mulholland Books
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: 341 pages
Book Rating: B+

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In this “tense, twisting mystery” (Megan Miranda), no one bats an eye when a Black reality TV star is found dead—except her estranged half-sister, whose refusal to believe the official story leads her on a dangerous search for the truth.

“I found out my sister was back in New York from Instagram. I found out she’d died from the New York Daily News.”

When the body of disgraced reality TV star Desiree Pierce is found on a playground in the Bronx the morning after her 25th birthday party, the police and the media are quick to declare her death an overdose. It’s a tragedy, certainly, but not a crime.

But Desiree’s half-sister Lena Scott knows that can’t be the case. A graduate student at Columbia, Lena has spent the past decade forging her own path far from the spotlight, but some facts about Desiree just couldn’t have changed since their childhood. And Desiree would never travel above 125th Street. So why is no one listening to her?

Despite the bitter truth that the two haven’t spoken in two years, torn apart by Desiree’s partying and by their father, Mel, a wealthy and influential hip-hop mogul, Lena becomes determined to find justice for her sister, even if it means untangling her family’s darkest secrets—or ending up dead herself.


Like a Sister by Kellye Garrett is a compelling murder mystery.

Lena Scott has been estranged from her half-sister Desiree Pierce for the last two years. When Desiree turns up dead close to her home, Lena has plenty of regrets but she is also certain her sister was murdered. With the police putting out minimal effort, she begins searching for answer on her own. Lena jumps right into Desiree’s messy life in hopes of finding her sister’s killer.

Lena is smart, independent and tenacious as refuses to back off during the police investigation. She is sometimes a little too stubborn but she will do anything, including talking to their absentee father, Mel Pierce, to find out the truth. Lena is frustrated by her lack of progress so she reluctantly allows her sister’s friend, Erin Ambrose, to assist her.

Like a Sister is a suspenseful mystery with a cast of diverse characters. Lena is realistically drawn character who is flawed yet immensely appealing. The secondary cast of characters is interesting and rather memorable. The storyline is engrossing and moves at a brisk pace. With shocking twists and jaw-dropping turns, Kellye Garrett brings this captivating mystery to a stunning conclusion.

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