May Reading Challenge Discussion

May’s Reading Challenge: a novel purchased before May 2021.

I selected the first mystery in Vanda Symon’s Sam Shepard series, Overkill.

Sam Shepard is the only police constable in the small town of Mataura. Everyone knows everyone which is why the disappearance of Lachlan “Lockie” Knowes’ wife, Gaby, brings plenty of people to search for her. Unfortunately, the discovery of Gaby’s body is a blow to Lockie so his ex-girlfirend, Sam, is determined to uncover the truth about what happened to her.

Readers know right from the beginning exactly what happened to Gaby. The unknowns are who is behind her death and why someone wanted her dead. Sam is sometimes a bull in the china shop as she follows her instincts in order to find her killer. She finds herself in big trouble when her out of town bosses learn of her former relationship with Lockie. Sam does not allow her suspension to prevent her from continuing her investigation on her own.

Overkill is an engrossing small town murder mystery. Sam is a colorful character who is a little impulsive but a crack investigator. The storyline is interesting and the New Zealand setting is vividly lifelike. With Sam’s future on the line, Vanda Symon brings this suspenseful mystery to a surprising conclusion. Can’t wait to read the next book in the Sam Shepard series!

Please click HERE to learn more about Overkill.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have to read my tentative second selection Vanished by James Delargy. But I’m hoping to read it in the near future!

Please click HERE to learn more about Vanished.

Did you enjoy the book you selected for challenge? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts about your selection!

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2 Responses to May Reading Challenge Discussion

  1. Suze

    I read Undertow by RM Greenaway – number 2 in the series.
    I wasn’t so enamoured by Dion’s rogue approach to things this time, nor did Leith and Bosko help in this regard, both treating him with disrespect, especially Bosko who I felt was playing an odd game we know nothing about at the moment. The mystery of Dion’s accident will obviously be a long running theme in the books.

  2. Book Reviews & More by Kathy

    You are correct about the accident. I’ve liked some books in the series better than others, but overall, I’ve enjoyed it!