Change is… Good?

Or at least I hope it is!

I’ve struggled with this decision as long as I can and I hope everyone will understand. I have come to realize that it is time for me to give up writing reviews. Although I truly enjoy sharing my thoughts on books that I read, I can no longer reliably commit to writing reviews. I’ve been hoping that once we moved and life settled down that I would feel like my old self again. Unfortunately, that has not happened so I would rather not make commitments I cannot keep.

However! I do not want to give up my website. I do want to keep original content where I can share the books I’ve been reading and hear about what you’ve been reading. On Monday and Thursday, I’ll be hosting Book Talk. Monday’s Book Talk will be devoted to what books we’ve read the past week. Thursday’s Book Talk will be a mix of what books we’re looking forward to reading. Or it might be a topic about genres, authors, etc. If you have suggestions, please drop me a line at bookreviewsandmorebykathy @ (the email address is not changing).

Sunday will continue to feature The Week Ahead and giveaways will still be Wednesday and Saturday. The daily themes will stay the same (i.e. Mystery Monday, etc). While the website name is changing, the web address will remain (it is too difficult to change the domain!). I have already updated my twitter handle to @BookTalkMore. I am waiting for Facebook to update the page name but I am going to leave the link as is. Too much change is not always a good thing!!

I hope everyone will continue to drop by and make Book Talk & More with Kathy a part of your reading day!


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2 Responses to Change is… Good?

  1. Suze

    I will definitely be around Kathy!!!
    I am always in awe of how much time it must take to both read the book and compose a review – I struggle with a few lines on GR!
    Your site has to work for you and I say its evolution!!
    Looking forward to seeing how we go

    • Book Talk & More with Kathy

      Thank you, Suze. Reading and reviewing has always been managable in the past so I kept thinking I’d get back to that point. I am also looking forward to taking the site in a bit of a new direction.

      I’m happy you’ll continue to be around!