Book Talk: What have you been reading lately?

Welcome to this week’s Book Talk!

I was not in the mood for reading last week, so I only read two books.

I finished The Wrong Woman by J.P. Pomare and I really liked it. The lead character is a PI who gets an offer he can’t refuse and returns to the small town he left behind. Reid is hired by an insurance company to get the bottom of a car accident with both a fatality and a survivor. This compelling mystery is fast-paced and includes some excellent plot twists. J.P. Pomare is a versatile author and I’ve loved every book he’s written!

The other book I’m still reading. Madeline Kay Sneed’s The Golden Season takes place in an ultra-conservative Texas town. The chapters alternate between a high football coach and his daughter who drops a bombshell just as he achieves a coveted career position. Religion, football and gossip completely rule this town where everyone knows each other. I cannot wait to find out how this fantastic novel is going to end.

This week I am looking forward to reading Courtney Summers’ upcoming release, I’m the Girl. I’m also planning to read the 3rd book in the DCI Jack Hawksworth series as long as it FINALLY arrives in the mail.

Now it’s your turn. What have you been reading lately? Join the discussion by commenting below!


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  1. Suze

    I read Relative Justice by Gregory Ashe over the weekend – more Hazard and Somers. The plots are alwasy good but i do get tired of the same old with the main characters. Hazard goes off on a rant at the drop of a hat and Somers is like a kid. Waiting for some definite character development there!!!
    Just about to start Rachel Gibson’s How Lulu Lost her Mind

    • Book Talk & More with Kathy

      Thanks for the head’s up about the characters not evolving much. As long as the plot is good, I tend to be a forgiving reader.