Book Talk: Let’s Discuss… Friends to Lovers Romances

If you read romance novels, do you like friends to lovers storylines?

I am a HUGE fan of friends to lovers romances. What could be better than two people who already know each other really well falling in love?

Well, the path to true love never happens this easily, so there is always conflict. Will one of the friends work up the courage to confess their feelings? What if they give their romance a shot and it doesn’t work out? Will their friendship survive if love isn’t in the cards for them? Will they discover they don’t quite know each other as well as they think? Any or all of these scenarios usually make for an excellent romance.

Full confession: my husband and I were friends who fell in love and we’ve been married for 35 (and counting) years!

Comment below to join the conversation and share your opinion on romance novels. And if you’re currently reading a romance, tell us about it!

I’m looking forward to reading:

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