Thrifty Thursday: Bent Oak Saga by Ari McKay

Do you love gay romances? Do you have Kindle Unlimited? If not, are you looking for a book that costs less than $5.00? Then you might want to check out:

Title: Bent Oak Saga by Ari McKay
Publisher: Ari McKay
Genre: Historical, Gay, Romance
Length: 402 pages


Two historical romances about love and acceptance on the sweeping plains of Texas!

Finding Forgiveness

Boston in 1888 is quite urbane, but unfortunately for Gil Porter, that isn’t the same thing as being understanding. When his sexuality is exposed by the scandalous suicide of his lover, Gil is exiled to the small town of Mercy, Texas, by his domineering father. To his surprise, he finds acceptance at Bent Oak Ranch, especially from Matt Grayson, the handsome son of the ranch foreman.

Torn between Matt and his desire to be “normal,” between returning to his old life and building a new one in Texas. Gil is faced with a choice—appeasing his father or becoming the man Matt knows he can be.

The Quality of Mercy

Jules Wingate hopes to start over in Mercy as the schoolmaster after a scandal sent him and his son fleeing their former home. But he discovers he’s left one bad situation for another when he encounters his former student and lover, Carlos Hernandez. No matter how Jules tries to resist, he yearns for the passionate connection they once shared… before Carlos broke his heart.

Carlos knows his foolish, immature actions hurt Jules, but he desperately wants a second chance and to show Jules he’s changed. But trust so badly broken is hard to repair. While he works to earn Jules’s forgiveness, someone else at Bent Oak Ranch has his sights set on Carlos—and he doesn’t care how many lives he has to ruin to make Carlos his and his alone.


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