October’s Reading Challenge Discussion

October’s Reading Challenge was to read a title with any word that begins with any letter in “FALL”.

My selection was When Sparrows Fall and I enjoyed it.

A widowed mother of six, Miranda Hanford has been ready for quite some time to leave the church she has belonged to for several years. After the pastor decides to move the congregation to another state, she seizes the opportunity to stay behind. As Miranda tries to fly under the radar as other families make preparations for the move, an unexpected fall brings her estranged brother-in-law Jack into her and her children’s lives.

Miranda’s struggles to break free from her church are realistically portrayed. The children are a breath of fresh air as they enjoy their cheerful uncle’s unexpected arrival in their lives. Jack shows his nieces and nephews what life outside their controlled environment is like. Not everyone is thrilled with the changes he introduces to them but he is unfazed by the opposition. And Miranda must find a way to completely break free of her pastor’s control.

With well-developed characters, an interesting storyline and a peaceful setting, When Sparrows Fall is an engrossing novel that I highly recommend.

Please click HERE to learn more about When Sparrows Fall.

Did you enjoy the book you selected for the challenge? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts about your selection!

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4 Responses to October’s Reading Challenge Discussion

  1. Suze

    I read When London Snow Falls by Hayden Stone – enjoyed, but not as much as the first book in the series.
    I found Charlie’s issues were repeated a lot and when he and Ben first get together, well coffee beans will never be the same again!
    Ben was particularly tolerant, more than deserved perhaps.

    • Book Talk & More with Kathy

      LOL about the coffee beans. I am going to have to read it so I can find out what happens with them.

      I find it irritating when a book tends to be a little repititive!

  2. Katherine

    Leap of Faith by C.F. White. The October challenge nudged me to move this off my TBR list. I listened to the audiobook while on a road trip.

    I learned things about the circus and about the people who live on Jersey. I figured out the mystery of Charlie’s father before the big reveal(?).

    The story pulled me along and the narrator had distinctive voices for each character. Both good things for my enjoyment of a book.

    This is a male/male romance, so may not be to everyone’s reading style.

    • Book Talk & More with Kathy

      I love the cover! I am so glad you enjoyed the book you selected. It’s also nice to get a book off the TBR too.

      I don’t listen to audiobooks but the different voices for each character would be a plus!