Thrifty Thursday: Star of the Game by Amy Aislin

Do you love gay romances? Are you looking for a book that costs less than $5.00? Then you might want to check out:

Title: Star of the Game by Amy Aislin
Stick Side Book Six
Publisher: Amy Aislin
Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Romance
Length: 352 pages


Felix only wants two things:
1. To make music.
2. His best friend, Emery.

But he’s not willing to risk two decades of friendship for something more. Besides, a bout of writer’s block is preventing him from creating new material, and he’s got deadlines to meet. He doesn’t need any distractions—and Emery is the biggest distraction of all.

Emery only wants two things:
1. To play hockey.
2. His best friend, Felix.

He’s ready to risk it all for a shot at being together. While he should be concentrating on playing his best hockey so his team will grant him a contract extension, there’s no reason he can’t multitask.

With their careers at a crossroads, the timing for romance couldn’t be worse—but when Felix is forced to move in with Emery, will Emery finally convince him to take a chance at becoming the stars of their own game?


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2 Responses to Thrifty Thursday: Star of the Game by Amy Aislin

  1. Katherine

    Everything that I’ve read by Amy Aislin, I’ve liked. In fact I pre-ordered Star of the Game, though not read it yet. Thank you for featuring this book and author, giving other people a change to try Amy;s books!