Book Talk: What have you been reading lately?

Welcome to this week’s Book Talk!

I read two books and started another last week.

The Drift by C.J. Tudor: WOW!ZA! What a read. Three different story arcs written from three main characters’ perspecitves, The Drift is chilling and incredibly engrossing. I don’t want to give anything away but I will say everything  makes sense in the end. A very unique, fast-paced novel by C.J. Tudor that I absolutely loved and HIGHLY recommend.

Behind Her Eyes by sarah Pinborough: This mystery has been in my TBR for quite a few years so I decided it was finally time to dust it off and read it. Overall, I loved the storyline but I found main character Louise to be extremely irritating. Some of what I found frustrating is necessary for her to make her out of character choices and that helped keep my annoyance to a minimum. I really liked the flashbacks that explain Adele and David’s past and what led up to their current situation. The hype surrounding the novel’s conclusion is definitely warranted and I plan to watch the Netflix series.

I started reading Hermit by S.R. White last night. I am really liking it so far and I’ll let y’all know my thoughts next week!

Now it’s your turn. What have you been reading lately? Join the discussion by commenting below!


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  1. Katherine

    I just read Scoring Position by Morgan James and Ashlyn Kane. I stayed up far too late reading this.

    It’s been a while since I read a hockey romance, so I enjoyed that. The best part of the book for me was meeting again some characters from Winging It, the first book in the series.

    • Book Talk & More with Kathy

      I love a good hockey series! This one’s in my TBR so I really should make time to read it.