Book Talk: Book Talk: What have you been reading lately?

Welcome to this week’s Book Talk!

My thoughts on the books I read last week:

Red Dirt Road by S.R. White: The third (but hopefully not the last) installment in the Detective Dana Russo is another outstanding mystery. Dana Russo is definitely a fish out of water when she goes to a remote outback town to investigate two murders. Unamurra has a small population so it should be easy to narrow down the suspect list. However, no one is willing to help her and local police officer Able Barillo. Luckily her regular team provides long distance assistance as Dana works against a tight deadline to to idenitify the killer. With unusual clues and little evidence, will Dana and Able unmask the murderer before Dana runs out of time? I love this brilliant series and I am eager to see how S.R. White resolves the unfinished storyline taking place within the station.

It’s One of Us by J.T. Ellison: This latest mystery deftly weaves the difficult subject of infertility and murder into an unputdownable thriller. When evidence from a murder leads to Park Bender, Olivia discovers her husband has been keeping HUGE secrets from her. The present day storyline is interspersed with events from the couple’s past and provides details of their teenage romance and tumultuous break-up. This fast-paced and compelling mystery comes to a very shocking conclusion. HIGHLY recommend!

It Ends at Midnight by Harriet Tyce: Sylvie Monroe is finally in a happy relationship and her professional goals are within reach. That is until her oldest friend Tess exacts a promise that threatens to derail Sylvie’s life. Despite her intentions to not follow through with what Tess asks of her, Sylvie is unable to disappoint her friend. Unfortunately, her latest court case has unsettling parallels to her own past that make it difficult for her concentrate. The chapters of this engaging mystery alternate with the aftermath of a deadly New Year’s Eve party. With an absolutely jaw-dropping plot-twist, Harriet Tyce brings this suspenseful mystery to a stunning conclusion.

Now it’s your turn. What have you been reading lately? Join the discussion by commenting below!

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