Book Talk: What have you been reading lately?

Welcome to this week’s Book Talk!

Last week’s reads (I somehow chose books with blue covers!):

Sometimes People Die by Simon Stephenson: 4 stars. An interesting character study and murder mystery which takes place mostly in a hospital. The book is written as an autobiographical story of the lead chacter. He is a doctor and recovering drug addict whose chance at redemption takes place in a hospital that mainly cares for poor patients. After the unexpected death of a patient who is ready for release, the police begin an investigation. When even more suspicious death are uncovered, the police begin their hunt for the killer in earnest. I really enjoyed this unique mystery.

What Have We Done by Alex Finlay: 4.5 stars. A washed up rocker, a reality TV producer and a stay at home mom first meet as teenagers at Savior House. Twenty-five years later, someone wants them dead. Unfolding from three points of view, this action-packed mystery kept me guessing right up until the thrilling conclusion. Highly recommend!!

The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth: Thanks to Book of the Month, I was able to read Sally Hepworth’s latest mystery a few weeks early. Pippa and Gabe Gerard live on the top of a cliff that is a popular suicide spot. Gabe has been able to save all but the latest troubled soul. The ensuing investigation makes them very uneasy when the person’s identity is revealed. This compelling mystery keeps pages turning at blistering pace as Pippa tries to piece together the truth about what happened that night. Another outstanding mystery that has plenty of depth and clever storyline.

All the Dangerous Things by Stacy Willingham: Isabelle Drake’s baby boy disappeared from his crib a year ago. The police investigation has stalled and her husband Ben has moved out and moved on. Isabelle’s last hope is that working with a true-crime podcaster will uncover new evidence. Her severe lack of sleep makes her a possibly unreliable narrator as she uncovers startling information. The chapters move back and forth in time between the present, Isabelle’s childhood and her romance with Ben. Isabelle is a very sympathetic character and her desperation to find her son permeates the novel. The conclusion brings jaw-dropping revelations and a shocking resolution to this heartrending mystery.

Now it’s your turn. What have you been reading lately? Join the discussion by commenting below!


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  1. Debbbie B.

    I’m nearly done with “The House of Eve” by Sadeqa Johnson on audiobook. It’s very good, with two character storylines about to merge! I’ve just started “A Girl Called Samson” by Amy Harmon. It’s historical fiction based on a real woman, set in the Revolutionary War.

    • Book Talk & More with Kathy

      I have The House of Eve in my TBR so I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying it!

      I’ve seen A Girl Called Samson so I’m eager to hear your thoughts about it.