Thrifty Thursday: Copping an Attitude by Morticia Knight

Do you love gay romances? Are you looking for a book that costs less than $5.00? Then you might want to check out:

Title: Copping an Attitude by Morticia Knight
Publisher: Knight Ever After Publishing LLC; 2nd edition
Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Romance
Length: 194 pages


Survival is all Slade understands until Parker saves him from the terrors of the streets. Too bad the streets won’t let Slade go…

Hustler Slade has had little choice over his fate. Barely twenty years old, he’s had to survive any way he can after being thrown out for being gay when he was still in his teens. As soon as he hit Vegas, Slade was lured into the hopeless world of prostitution where he’s become a virtual prisoner to his pimp, the ruthless Julio Estevez.

It’s another typical night on the Strip when officer Parker comes across Slade. His heart breaks every time he sees someone so young being exploited. Yet something in Slade’s eyes tells Parker the young man might be in real trouble—especially after the recent wave of sex worker killings by a rival prostitution ring.

The two men’s lives become intertwined when Slade is almost beaten to death. The danger grows, but so does the relationship between Parker and Slade. Parker helps Slade to heal from the horrific attack and their bond deepens. But the human traffickers are still on the prowl—and they’ll stop at nothing to steal Slade back.

Note: Copping an Attitude is the second book in the action-packed Sin City Uniforms series. It was previously published under the same title with a different cover. It has been revised and re-edited, but the story remains the same. You can expect an age gap, hurt/comfort, found family romance with a dose of suspense and angst. While this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. Triggers include: forced sex work, threats, physical abuse, assault, homophobia, drug and alcohol use.


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