Review: Strawberry Lane by Jodi Thomas

Title: Strawberry Lane by Jodi Thomas
A Touching Texas Love Story
Someday Valley Book One
Publisher: Zebra Books
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Length: 284 pages
Book Rating: B

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Fans of Robyn Carr and Susan Mallery will adore this heartwarming new book from the beloved New York Times bestselling author. In a small Texas town where most families go back generations, four strangers meet and unite as they bury a father none of them has ever seen and begin slowly to piece together a bond that will not only change them, but the community for the better.

Starri Knight is a big believer in fate. How else to explain the compelling connection she feels to the stranger she pulls out of a wrecked car on the very same road where her parents died twenty years earlier? Alongside Auntie Ona-May, the only mother she’s ever known, Starri saves Rusty O’Sullivan’s life—just as Ona-May once did when Starri was an orphaned babe. But convincing Rusty he has something to live for is going to take all of Starri’s faith in miracles . . .

Like a wish he hadn’t even known to make, Starri landed in Rusty’s life, filling him with a longing for a family. . . . Then Jackson Landry, a new lawyer, turns up to present a surprise that will change the direction of his life: An inheritance from the father Rusty never knew—and the promise of the family he’d never had. It’s a lot for the hard-bitten loner to
accept as love rushes into his life . . .

A sense of duty has Rusty heading to Honey Creek to deal with his father’s estate—and find his lost siblings. But having family is one thing, learning to love them is another. Good thing new friends are by his side to help him along the way.


Strawberry Lane by Jodi Thomas is a sweet contemporary romance featuring an eclectic yet interesting cast of characters.

Lawyer Jackson Landry is still mourning the loss of his parents while struggling to settle into taking over his father’s law practice. One of his first cases involves finding recently deceased Jamie Ray Morrell’s four children. Jamie Ray was not involved in their lives, but he leaves them all his worldly possessions. Jackson stumbles across the first heir, Rusty O’Sullivan, during a storm in which Rusty has been in a serious accident. Jackson is also enchanted by co-rescuer Starri Knight but their age difference could be a stumbling block.

Rusty has been in more than his share of accidents but his multiple injuries mean a long recovery period. He is charmed by Dr. Amber Adams but since he is used to everyone leaving him, Rusty does not believe he has a future with her. He also has an added complication when Jackson finds one of his younger brothers. Will Rusty convince Amber to take a chance on love?

An unrelated but no less enjoyable romance takes place at the local hospital. Emergency room nurse Emma Sumers visits her old friend Heath Allen Rogers’ hospital room every evening when her shift has ended. He is experiencing unexpected health issues and Emma takes every chance she gets to spend time with him while hoping Heath will soon fully recover.

Strawberry Lane is a delightful romance with (mostly) interwoven storylines. The various characters undergo tremendous growth as they find cherished friendships together and love. While some of the couples’ story arcs are not completely wrapped up, hopefully readers will get the opportunity to revisit them in future installments in Someday Valley series. This wonderful romance is sure to be a hit with old and new fans of Jodi Thomas.

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