Review: Unladylike Lessons in Love by Amita Murray

Title: Unladylike Lessons in Love by Amita Murray
The Marleigh Sisters Book One
Publisher: Avon
Genre: Historical, Mystery, Romance
Length: 319 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Amita Murray takes us on a journey from the pleasure gardens of society to the dangerous streets of 19th century London, in this spectacular romantic debut by an unforgettable new voice.

“Women mind their reputation if they want to marry. I don’t want to marry.”

As the eldest daughter of an English earl and his Indian mistress, Lila Marleigh knows what it’s like to be an outsider from “polite” society. As children, she and her sisters were wrenched from their home and sent to England, never quite accepted by those who claimed to care for them. Now Lila has set herself up as hostess of an exclusive gaming club, charming the ton that flocks to her establishment each night, though it shuns her by day.

One night, Ivor Tristram comes barging through her door, accusing her of being his father’s mistress. Lila defies his expectations at every step and convinces him to navigate London’s rat pits and pleasure gardens with her, in her quest to solve a violent crime.

As they set out together to uncover the truth, an irresistible passion ignites that will shake them to the core. Lila must fight to protect those she loves, yet the biggest threat is to the sanctity of the heart she has guarded so carefully all her life.


Unladylike Lessons in Love by Amita Murray is a delightful historical romance which features an intriguing mystery.

Lily Marleigh is the illegitimate daughter of an English earl and his Indian mistress. Following the deaths of her parents, she and her sisters are sent to England to live with his estranged wife (weird, huh???).  Now in her late twenties, Lily is a strong, independent woman who is unconcerned about her reputation. She runs a salon which is popular among the peerage and she has no desire for marriage. Lily can sometimes be impetuous but her heart is the right place. When someone from her childhood needs her assistance, Lily does not hesitate to jump into the fray. Even if it means she must join forces with Ivor Tristram.

Ivor have the highest opinion Lilybut he agrees to help her find out the truth about her friend’s plight. His viewpoint of Lily is colored by his concern for his mother and his father’s history of marital misdeeds. Ivor has worked hard to turn around his family’s fortunes and he continues to work hard. Despite his better judgment, Ivor is determined to see his commitment through in helping Lily uncover the truth for her friend.

The sparks fly between Lily and Ivor right from their first meeting. Given what he thinks of her, Ivor is not exactly thrilled with his fascination with Lily. And Lily is a bit dismayed by her attraction to Ivor. Yet they try to put their feelings to the side as they work together. As they spend time together, they begin to realize they might have misjudged one another.

Unladylike Lessons in Love is an engaging romance with a diverse cast of characters. The storyline is multi-layered and compelling. The mystery aspect is perfectly balanced with the romantic element of the plot. The various characters are well-developed and quite charming. Lily and Ivor’s romance is both sweet and steamy with little conflict until late in the story. With unexpected twists and turns,  Amita Murray brings this marvelous historical romance to a heartfelt conclusion. This first installment in Marleigh Sisters series will leave readers impatiently awaiting the next installment.

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