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Review: A Reckless Match by Kate Bateman

Title: A Reckless Match by Kate Bateman
Ruthless Rivals Series Book One
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Genre: Historical, Romance
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Meet the Davies and Montgomery families – two households locked in an ancient feud, destined to be on opposing sides forever. Until now…


Madeline Montgomery grew up despising––and secretly loving––the roguish Gryffud “Gryff” Davies. Their families have been bitter rivals for hundreds of years, but even if her feelings once crossed the line between love and hate, she’s certain Gryff never felt the same. Now, she’s too busy saving her family from ruin to think about Gryff and the other “devilish” Davies siblings. Since he’s off being scandalous in London, it’s not like she’ll ever see him again…


As the new Earl of Powys, Gryff Davies planned on spending his post-war life enjoying the pleasures of London. But when an illegal duel forces him to retreat to his family’s Welsh castle, he realizes the only exciting thing in the dull countryside will be seeing the fiery Maddie Montgomery. Thoughts of his nemesis sustained Gryff throughout the war; but the girl he loved to tease has grown into a gorgeous, headstrong woman – who loathes him just as much as she ever did. Will secret tunnels, dangerous smugglers, and meddling from their feuding families be enough to make Maddie and Gryff realize that their animosity is really attraction…and maybe even love?

A Reckless Match is the first in a new regency romance series by Kate Bateman about two feuding families, and reunited childhood enemies whose hatred turns to love.


A Reckless Match by Kate Bateman is a captivating historical romance.

The Davies and the Montgomery’s are neighboring families who have been feuding for hundreds of years. Yet on the spring Equinox, one representative from each family meet on a neutral tract of land to shake hands. This year, the duty falls to twenty-one-year-old Maddie Montgomery and former soldier and current Earl of Powys Gryff Davies. The two have tormented one another throughout their lives so Maddie is not looking forward to meeting the devilishly charming Gryff. She is fervently hoping he is a no-show for more than one reason. Dismayed and confused after the yearly tradition is fulfilled, Maddie and Gryff unexpectedly share dangerous yet exciting adventures and a mutual, sizzling hot attraction.

Maddie is highly intelligent with a curious mind and a fervent interest in archeology. She satisfies this interest in the past by searching for treasure on their property. Maddie is worried about her family’s future and she has a vested interested in solving their unexpected problem. The last thing she needs is her childish crush on Gryff turning into something much deeper than she would like.

Gryff  has always known he would become the next earl but he would rather enjoy his return from war before picking up the mantle of responsibility.  He would never shirk the yearly duty but he is dismayed to discover his fascination with Maddie has not lessened. Gryff seizes every opportunity to spend time with her, but will their unanticipated discovery put them into harm’s way?

A Reckless Match is a delightfully charming historical romance with a fantastic cast of eclectic characters. Maddie is independent, unconventional and a bit strong-willed. Gryff is a little protective, a lot naughty and willing to rush headlong into danger. Their interactions are full of witty, suggestive banter that is also quite amusing. Maddie and Gryff’s long-time acquaintance provides the perfect backdrop for their burgeoning romance. With lots of heat, plenty of sexy dialogue and a hint of danger, Kate Bateman’s Ruthless Rivals series is off to a strong beginning that will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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