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Review: Finding Her Amish Home by Pamela Desmond Wright

Title: Finding Her Amish Home by Pamela Desmond Wright
Humble Blessings Book One
Publisher: Love Inspired
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Inspirational, Romance
Length: 224 pages
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by the Author


What she wants more than anything
Could also be the most dangerous…

After her twin sister’s death, Maddie Baum flees to Wisconsin Amish country with her nephew in tow in the hopes of protecting him from his criminal father. Befriending Amish shopkeeper Abram Mueller gives her a glimpse of the happiness she’s been yearning for all along. Can she find a fresh start with Abram—or will old sins tear them apart?

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.


Finding Her Amish Home by Pamela Desmond Wright is an incredibly heartwarming Amish romance.

When Maddie Baum needs to relocate to keep her son Josh safe, she moves to a town with an Amish community. She is searching for a new beginning but she also hopes to recreate the sense of community she experienced as a child. Maddie’s previous decisions are weighing on her as Abram Mueller and his family and friends welcome her and Josh with open arms. Will her guilt prevent her from opening her heart to the opportunity to return to her Amish faith?

Abram is a kind-hearted man whose past leaves him weighted down with regrets for a tragic mistake. He is unfailingly generous with his time and assistance to anyone in need. Abram is charmed by Maddie and due to his own childhood experiences, knows exactly how to help Josh with the issues the young boy is experiencing. Josh is a steadying presence for Maddie and Josh but does she return his deepening emotions?

Finding Her Amish Home is a delightful romance with appealing characters. Maddie is very mature for her age due to the heartache she has experienced in her life. Abram is a wonderful man but he cannot let go of his past mistakes. The romance between Maddie and Abram is very sweet.  The storyline is engaging and deals with issues that are relatable and realistically portrayed. With a gentle undercurrent of faith, Pamela Desmond Wright brings this charming romance to a very touching conclusion.


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Review: An Amish Bride by Rosalind Lauer

Title: An Amish Bride by Rosalind Lauer
Publisher: Zebra Books
Joyful River Series Book Two
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 368 pages
Book Rating: B+

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In Joyful River, Pennsylvania, the faith-filled Amish community lives side by side with the English world, healing problems and overcoming hardship with compassion, love, and abiding trust in Gott’s plan.

For Sam Lapp, every day spent working on his family’s dairy farm is a reminder of Gott’s bounty and goodness. And he’s found the person he wants to share that life with. Sam remembers the exact moment he stopped seeing Sadie Beiler as just his sister’s best friend, and saw instead the graceful, loving woman she’s become. If only he had seen it before Sadie began courting someone else . . .

When Sadie first caught the eye of a handsome auctioneer, she felt blessed, hopeful that marriage would provide an escape from her troubled home. But as months stretch on without a proposal, Sadie discovers a worrying new side to her beau—and a growing kinship with Sam. Thoughtful, hardworking, kind to his visiting English cousins and to her, Sam shows Sadie that real love is just a stone’s throw away. But when an unexpected obstacle forces a separation between them, can steadfast faith make Sadie an Amish bride at last?


An Amish Bride by Rosalind Lauer is a sweet Amish romance with a thought-provoking storyline.

Sadie Bauer and Mark Miller have been courting for quite some time. She hopes he will propose to her soon, but she is discovering things about him that are troubling. Sadie feels obligated to continue the relationship but will an eye-opening Christmas celebration change her mind?

Sam Lapp recently started viewing his sister Essie’s best friend Sadie in a romantic light. After she begins dating Mark, he is afraid he has lost his chance to court her. Sam also knows unsavory information about Mark but he is reluctant to tell Sadie because he does not want to spread gossip. Is his chance to reveal his feelings for her truly gone?

Sam’s Englisch cousins Megan Sullivan and her sisters have been staying with the Lapp family for a few months now. She and her twin sister Serena have adjusted to the drastic change in their lives but their younger sister Lizzie still wants to move back to Philadelphia. Megan and Sam have become close and she hangs out with him and his friends. She is especially drawn to Isaac who is very different than the other Amish people she knows. As they play hockey together, he and Megan begin to grow close but is there any future for them since they are from different worlds?

An Amish Bride is a heartwarming Amish romance with engaging story arcs. The characters are multi-faceted with many of them undergoing tremendous growth as they deal with their respective situations.  Sadie realizes she has made a mistake with Mark, but can she end their relationship?  Sam finds himself in a very unhappy situation as he wonders whether or not he and Sadie will find their way to each other.  The Sullivan sisters’ visit with their father in the city is a turning point for them as a family and for Megan and Serena individually.  Isaac is at a crossroad as he makes a decision about his future. With unanticipated complications to overcome, Rosalind Lauer brings this meaningful romance to a gratifying conclusion. Old and new fans of the Joyful River series are sure to enjoy this endearing second installment.

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Review: The Bookseller’s Promise by Beth Wiseman

Title: The Bookseller’s Promise by Beth Wiseman
The Amish Bookstore Novels Book One
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B+

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In the first novel of Beth Wiseman’s new Amish Bookstore series, a rare, old book may hold answers to a present-day romance.

Yvonne Wilson arrives in Montgomery, Indiana, determined to purchase a rare book on behalf of a client willing to pay her an absurd amount of money for her efforts. Engaged to be married in a few months, Yvonne is thrown off guard when she finds herself attracted to the handsome bookstore owner, Jake Lantz—and now she’s asking herself unexpected questions about her future.

Jake Lantz made a promise to his grandfather to never sell the book Yvonne wants to buy, and it’s a promise he plans to keep. Jake begins to read the book with Eva, one of his employees, and Eva sees this time together as a way to get Jake to see her in a new light. Eva’s loved him for years but senses Yvonne’s attraction to Jake right away—and she wonders how Jake feels about Yvonne, an attractive English woman determined to stay in Montgomery until she convinces Jake to sell the rare book.

As Yvonne’s, Jake’s, and Eva’s individual paths merge into something more than they could have imagined, each must face decisions they never anticipated. Will Jake ultimately break his promise to his grandfather? Will Yvonne leave the quaint life she’s been living in Amish Country to go back to her fiancé? And will Eva be able to get Jake to see her as more than a friend? The answers just might be buried within the pages of a rare book.


The Bookseller’s Promise by Beth Wiseman is a heartwarming Amish Romance.

Thirty-two-year-old Yvonne Wilson is a book broker whose search for a rare book leads her to an Amish Bookstore in Montgomery, IL. Although twenty-five-year-old Jake Lantz has already told her the book is not for sale, she decides to visit him in person to try to change his mind. Yvonne’s fiancé Trevor Adams has to go elsewhere on business, so she travels to Indiana on her own. When meeting with Jake for the first time, he again informs her the book is not for sale. Undaunted, Yvonne remains in town where she gets to know Jake and his employee, nineteen-year-old Eva Graber.  Acting completely out of character, she makes an impetuous decision that initially unnerves her.

Although she loves Trevor, Yvonne is a little leery of losing her independence. She does not want to lose herself after their wedding so she is relying on getting Jake to sell the book her buyer is looking for. Yvonne is surprised by how much she likes him and Eva but she worries she might lose her client if she fails to make the acquisition for him.  Deciding to see if time will change Jake’s mind, she instead enjoys sightseeing and giving Eva advice for letting Jake know she is interested in him.

Jake knows that his friend John Yoder is interested in Eva so he ignores any feelings for her other than friendship. He is not looking forward to hiring someone to replace her if things work out for her and John.  Jake is less than happy when Yvonne shows up at the bookstore, but he refuses to consider breaking his promise to his grandfather to never sell the book. He has not read the book so he surprised by Yvonne’s reaction to it.

Eva’s longtime crush on Jake has deepened over the years and she is frustrated he does not seem to notice she is now grown up. She is at first jealous of Yvonne, but the two soon become fast friends. Finally deciding it is time to stop waiting on Jake, Eva accepts a date with John. But is the man for her?

The Bookseller’s Promise is a poignant inspirational romance. Yvonne is a wonderful woman who eventually comes to question her long-held views on faith. Jake has always liked Eva but he worries that it might be too late for a chance to take their relationship beyond friendship. Eva is an appealing young woman whose dream of a future with Jake might be out of reach. Beth Wiseman weaves the different story arcs into a compelling and captivating novel that will resonate with readers. This first installment in The Amish Bookstore Novels series is off to a marvelous beginning that will leave fans eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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Review: Foundation of Love by Amy Clipston

Title: Foundation of Love by Amy Clipston
An Amish Legacy Novel Book One
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 341 pages
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


Get swept away in the first installment of Amy Clipston’s Amish Legacy series.

They were “only friends” . . . but they wanted so much more.

Crystal Glick is grateful to live with her brother’s family since her father died and her fiancé, Owen, broke their engagement. Crystal loves her bruderskinner and cheerfully helps her sister-in-law through a difficult pregnancy with babies number seven and eight, but she yearns for a husband and children of her own.

Duane Bontrager is mourning the recent death of his wife, Connie, after twenty-four years of marriage. He and his grown sons have a thriving roofing business but can’t get used to life without her. As the young men prepare to launch out on their own, Duane can’t imagine life alone—nor with anyone but Connie.

When a roofing job at the Glicks introduces Duane and Crystal, they’re attracted in spite of their fourteen-year age difference. But their bishop thinks Duane is better suited for the sweet widow Tricia, and Duane’s sons object to his interest in any woman. Crystal’s family fears losing her indispensable help. If she must go, they’d rather she be reunited with Owen in spite of his betrayal.

They’re the only two who believe they’re a match made in heaven, can Duane and Crystal overcome the obstacles to love?


Foundation of Love by Amy Clipston is a charming Amish romance.

Thirty-three-year-old Crystal Glick is unmarried and lives with her brother Kane and her sister-in-law Leona.  Crystal takes care of her nieces and nephews as Leona takes it easy due to her current pregnancy. Crystal would like a family of her own, but without any prospects on the horizon, she tries to remain content with caring for her brother’s children. With six kids to care for and endless chores, she rarely has time for herself. When her brother hires Duane Bontrager and his three adult sons to replace their roof, Crystal is drawn to the friendly widower. Once she realizes her feelings are running deeper than friendship, she wrestles with other people’s objections to the age difference between them.  Will Crystal allow this chance for love and happiness slip away?

Ever since Duane’s beloved wife Connie passed way, he and his sons, Jayden, Tyler and Korey, have muddled their way through cooking, household chores and running their roofing business. Duane still deeply misses Connie and he is not looking for a new wife. But he greatly enjoys spending time with Crystal and as he gets to know her, his feelings turn romantic. But Duane is a little conflicted about their age difference, having more children and his sons’ reactions to his announcement he is dating are troubling. He is also being pressured to marry a widow in his community.

Foundation of Love is a touching romance with a wonderful setting and appealing characters. Crystal and Duane are vibrantly developed characters whose faith guides them through their obstacle strewn journey to happily ever after. Crystal is self-less and caring but she often puts other people’s needs ahead of her own. Duane is evenly tempered as he struggles to work through his son’s resistance to his fledgling relationship with Crystal. The romance is heartwarming but their future is far from assured. With one final conflict to resolve, Amy Clipston brings this first An Amish Legacy novel to an uplifting, smile-inducing conclusion.

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Review: Marry Me, Millie by Amy Lillard

Title: Marry Me, Millie by Amy Lillard
Paradise Valley Series Book One
Publisher: Zebra Books
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


Amy Lillard’s uplifting new series unites a “Widows Club” of women who share solace, friendship, and faith in the Amish community of Paradise Valley, Missouri . . .

When her young husband died unexpectedly, Millie Bauman thought her life was over too—until she learned she was carrying his child. Now, as she awaits the baby’s arrival, Millie’s sure her future will revolve around motherhood, the B&B she runs with her Aunt Sylvie, and the beloved Whoopie Pies her Widows Club whips up each week. But when a handsome newcomer arrives in town, Millie is intrigued, and the club wonders if Millie might find a second chance at love . . .

Henry King plans to stay in Paradise Valley long enough to take care of some family business, and hopefully mend the heartache of his own lost love. As Henry and Millie cross paths, it’s clear their neighbors are gently trying to play matchmaker. Not wanting to disappoint, the two pretend to play along—but life gets complicated when a true and tender affection grows. As Millie gets ready to welcome her baby, they must rely on faith and fate to decide if they should risk their hearts on love again . . .


Marry Me, Millie by Amy Lillard is a sweet (in more ways than one!) Amish romance.

Twenty-four-year-old Millie Bauman is beginning a new life following the unexpected death of her husband. She is six months pregnant and recently moved to Paradise Springs to live with her Aunt Sylvie who owns a B&B. Millie has no intention of remarrying but her Aunt Sylvie is cooking up a plan to matchmake her niece with Henry King, who is in town helping his grandfather, Vern. Having his heart broken after his fiancée called off their wedding, Henry is not looking for love either. Will Sylvie and Vern’s matchmaking efforts change either Henry or Millie’s minds?

Millie and Henry are delightful characters who immediately figure out what their loved ones are doing. They agree to be friends and enjoy one another’s company. Millie knows in a few months she will be busy with her new baby. Meanwhile, Henry is hoping to convince his granddad to move out of state to live with him and his father. Believing they have outsmarted their matchmaking family members, what will Henry and Millie do when they realize they have fallen in love with each other?

Marry Me, Millie is an entertaining romance with a heartfelt storyline. Millie is an appealing yet stubborn young woman. Henry is charming, laidback and easy to like. Sylvie and Vern are certain their matchmaking efforts will succeed and they refuse to give up on their plan. Millie and Henry are a wonderful couple but Millie is prone to making decisions without discussing them first with Henry. With late in the story conflict and an unanticipated romance, Amy Lillard brings this delectable love story to a heartwarming conclusion.  Fans of Amish romances are sure to enjoy this first installment in the  Paradise Valley series.

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Review: The Memory Quilt by Lenora Worth

Title: The Memory Quilt by Lenora Worth
The Shadow Lake Series Book One
Publisher: Zebra Books
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 352 pages
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


Running a historic Inn on beautiful Shadow Lake is a satisfying life for the Amish King sisters. Until love stirs a longing for more . . .

When Abigail King stumbles upon a man lying on the beach near her family inn, her every instinct says to help the stranger. With his memory gone, “Jonah” is reluctant to contact the authorities, so Abigail offers him shelter, despite her sisters’ reservations.  As she nurses him back to health, Abigail helps him recover his lost past, creating a quilt from images of the shattered fragments he recalls. But with every square Abigail adds, she wonders if she is falling for a man who can never truly be hers . . .

Jonah feels at home at The Shadow Lake Inn with the lovely Abigail, at peace with the Amish lifestyle she lives.  But as the pieces of his past are sewn together, the mystery only deepens—until he knows the only way forward is to turn himself in to the police, to finally discover the truth of who he really is.  For the one thing worse than not knowing his past, is not knowing what the future holds for him and Abigail . . .


The Memory Quilt by Lenora Worth is a sweet Amish romance with a slight hint of suspense.

Abigail King and her sisters Eliza and Colette run their family-owned inn. Abigail is in charge and she works tirelessly keeping the inn running smoothly. She is independent yet she tries to be obedient to her parents’ wishes. Abigail is also a gifted artist and she designs beautiful quilts. She finds her alone time in morning while taking prayerful walks along the shore of Shadow Lake. One morning, Abigail makes a startling discovery when she finds a man near death during her walk. When he awakens with no memory of who he is, Abigail cares for him while keeping his presence a secret from her parents. But it is just a matter of time before they find out. When they do, will Abigail respect their wishes or will she continue to spend time with the man she is beginning to care for?

Since he does not know who he is, Abigail dubs the injured man “Jonah”. His injuries are troubling and cause Abigail to question what type of person he is. But she is certain she is safe and she steals as much time as possible getting to know Jonah. His memories are deeply buried and when he does remember something from his past, they are short recollections that are more frustrating than revealing. As he and Abigail spend time with each other, Jonah becomes torn between his past and his present when his feelings for Abigail deepen.

The Memory Quilt is a heartwarming novel with wonderful characters and a bucolic setting.  Abigail is a dutiful daughter but she finds is very difficult to keep her distance from Jonah. Her parents are understanding but firm as they try to prevent their daughter from making a decision she might regret. Despite the circumstances. Jonah enjoys the peace and quiet and hard work that soothe his worries. He and Abigail realize there is no future for them unless he remembers his past. But will he remember what happened to him before the people he cares deeply about are endangered?

This first installment in Lenora Worth’s The Shadow Lake series is a heartfelt romance that readers are going to love.

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