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Review: A Deception at Thornecrest by Ashley Weaver

Title: A Deception at Thornecrest by Ashley Weaver
Amory Ames Series Book Seven
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Genre: Historical (’30s), Cozy Mystery, Suspense
Length: 280 pages
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


The stylish, charming next novel in Ashley Weaver’s Edgar-nominated Amory Ames mystery series, set in 1930s England, A Deception at Thornecrest.

“Thornecrest looked beautiful in the evening light. One would never imagine the turmoil that had just occurred within its walls.”

Amory Ames is alone at her country house Thornecrest, enjoying her last few weeks of peace and quiet as she prepares for the imminent arrival of her baby. Her husband, Milo, is in London on business, and Amory is content to catch up on her correspondence, organize the nursery, and avoid the well-meaning if rather overbearing company of the ladies in the village as they prepare for the Springtide Festival. But then a woman appears on her doorstep, claiming to be another Mrs. Ames, Milo’s wife.

Amory’s marriage has had its ups and downs in the past, but her faith in her husband has been restored, and Milo has been nothing but thrilled about becoming a father. Though the alleged second Mrs. Ames seems earnest, Amory is convinced she must be mistaken, a belief that Milo confirms upon his homecoming. However, when another unexpected visitor arrives at Thornecrest, secret identities and whirlwind romances appear to be becoming par for the course.

It’s not until the day of the festival, when Milo’s stable hand Bertie is found dead, that the strange characters appearing in town begin to seem more sinister, and Amory is determined to uncover the killer in the crowd.


A Deception at Thornecrest by Ashley Weaver is a suspenseful historical mystery. Although this latest release is the seventh mystery in the Amory Ames series, it can be read as a standalone.

Expecting a baby in a few weeks, Amory Ames is spending her time at the family’s country home, Thornecrest. While her husband Milo is in London, she receives a visitor who is under the impression she is married to Milo.  Despite the troubles in their marriage in the past, Amory knows her husband is not a bigamist. She convinces the young woman, Imogen Prescott, to remain in the nearby village until Milo’s return so they can sort out the situation.  But, as Amory and Milo are about to discover, Imogen’s claim is going to become the least of their worries.

Amory is enjoying the slower pace of life as she assists the vicar’s wife, Elaine Busby, with the upcoming Springtide Festival. Their horse loving neighbor Lady Alma stops in to visit on occasion. Milo’s stable hand Bertie Phipps is an excellent horseman who also works in Lady Alma’s stables.  Bertie has also been keeping company with Mrs. Busby’s almost daughter Marena Hodges whose mother Jane is a bit grim and emotionally distant. Amory is also preparing for the upcoming birth of their child, but pregnancy does not stop her from asking questions after Bertie is murdered.

Milo and Amory are surprised by a visitor who drops a bombshell on the Ames. Milo is not exactly welcoming since he is rather distrustful of this person’s motives. Amory is a little more sympathetic but Milo remains resistant to giving their visitor the benefit of the doubt. And when Bertie is murdered, Milo is even less open to assisting someone whom he does not know.

With Milo traveling back and forth between London and Thornecrest, Amory goes against his wishes as she visits people whom she believes could have murdered Bertie. She is cautious as she drops in on a handful of villagers.  Certain she is missing something that is crucial to solving the crime, Amory reaches out to her old friend from Scotland Yard, Detective Inspector Jones. Since he will be in the area, Inspector Jones agrees to stop by Thornecrest and discuss what she has uncovered. Will Jones help Amory unmask the killer?

Set in 1934, A Deception at Thornecrest is a delightfully clever cozy mystery with a bucolic setting and appealing cast of characters. Amory and Milo are a charming couple who are finally settled into their formerly turbulent marriage.  Amory is a little uncomfortable because this current case is close to home, but she is determined to identify the murderer in their midst. With a brilliant plot twist, Ashley Weaver brings this intriguing historical mystery to a stunning conclusion. A wonderful addition to the Amory Ames series that old and new fans are sure to enjoy.

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