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Review: An Amish Homecoming by Rosalind Lauer

Title: An Amish Homecoming by Rosalind Lauer
Joyful River Series Book One
Publisher: Zebra Books
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 320 pages
Book Rating:

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Author Rosalind Lauer weaves a patchwork quilt of life and love in the Pennsylvania Amish community of Joyful River, where new beginnings and old ways meet with faith, hope, and compassion . . .

Essie Lapp’s birthday is doubly blessed. There’s a delicious meal to savor with her family, and the sweet gift of time spent with her beau, Harlan. Over two years they’ve forged a bond as strong and hopeful as a tree reaching for the sky. To practical-minded Essie, there’s comfort in knowing exactly what her future will bring. Yet Gott has his plan, and it soon turns her family’s world upside down . . .

Essie’s widowed English uncle has brought his troubled teenage daughters back to their mother’s Amish community, convinced it’s the fresh start they need. Essie strives to welcome her cousins, but adapting to plain living won’t be easy, even if the rewards are great. As cultures clash and hearts collide, Essie feels the first stirrings of doubt about Harlan’s commitment to her. Yet as the seasons change, and the heat of summer gives way to crisp, ripe autumn, this homecoming might mean a bountiful beginning . . .


The first book in the Joyful River series, An Amish Homecoming by Rosalind Lauer is a delightfully charming romance.

Essie Lapp’s eighteenth birthday celebration is interrupted by the arrival of her Uncle Sully and his three teenage daughters, eighteen year old twins Serena and Megan and fifteen year old Grace. He is a policeman who works the evening shift and the girls have been gotten out of hand since the death of their mother. The Lapps welcome the teenagers into their lives but are the girls prepared for life on an Amish farm?

Essie is a quiet, dutiful daughter who is eager to settle down. She is a little frustrated that Harlan is putting off their wedding but she understands his obligation to his mom and sister. Essie and Harlan have been saving up for a place to live and they have recently  discovered new ways to bring in extra money. However, just as they are ready to announce their plan to marry, unforeseen circumstances threaten to derail their future together.

After a bit of a rocky beginning, Serena has finally adjusted to life on the Lapp’s dairy farm. She has become friends with Scout Tanner and they enjoy a few quiet minutes together almost every day. When he suggests a solution to a problem she is experiencing, they begin spending more time together. With her interest captured by a new hobby, Serena is also falling for Scout. But will she overcome his reluctance to dating?

Megan has settled into living with her aunt and uncle. She is still recovering from a sports injury and she enjoys long walks around the farm. Megan is an excellent student and dedicates herself to her studies. Grace struggles the most with being away from their father, but  as the months pass, she becomes much more content with living with her extended family.

An Amish Homecoming is a sweet family-centric novel. The characters are three-dimensional and quite likeable. The setting is richly developed and springs vibrantly to life. With a couple of unexpected conflicts to resolve, Rosalind Lauer brings this heartfelt story to a gratifying conclusion.  Readers are sure to enjoy this first installment in the Joyful River series.

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