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Review: An Evil Mind by Chris Carter

evil mindTitle: An Evil Mind by Chris Carter
Robert Hunter Series Book Six
Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestler Books
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense, thriller
Length: 368 pages
Book Rating: B+

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From a Top 10 Sunday Times (UK) bestselling author comes an action-packed thriller featuring Robert Hunter, a criminal behavior psychologist turned LAPD detective, who must race to identify the most brutal, clever, and elusive serial killer yet…

A freak accident in rural Wyoming leads the sheriff’s department to arrest a man for a possible double homicide, but further investigations suggest a much more horrifying discovery—a serial killer who has been kidnapping, torturing, and mutilating victims all over the United States for at least twenty-five years.

The suspect claims he is a pawn in a huge labyrinth of lies and deception—but can he be believed?

The case is immediately handed over to the FBI, but this time they’re forced to ask for outside help. Ex-criminal behavior psychologist and lead detective with the Ultra Violent Crime Unit of the LAPD Robert Hunter is asked to run a series of interviews with the apprehended man.

These interviews begin to reveal terrifying secrets that no one could have foreseen, including the real identity of a killer so elusive that no one, not even the FBI, had any idea he existed—until now…


In Chris Carter’s newest release, An Evil Mind, a grisly discovery in the trunk of a car pits LAPD Detective Robert Hunter against a sadistic serial killer. This sixth installment in the Robert Hunter mystery series is a chilling psychological thriller that will keep readers on the edge their seats until the last page is turned.

After the owner of the car is arrested and transferred into FBI custody, he refuses to speak to anyone but Robert Hunter. Robert does not recognize the prisoner’s name, but as soon as he sees a picture of “Liam Shaw”, he knows exactly who the FBI have in custody. Certain a mistake has been made, Robert agrees to fly to Quantico to talk to the prisoner and after their first meeting, he remains convinced the FBI have arrested the wrong man. However, soon after their investigation begins, he and FBI Special Agent Courtney Taylor are stunned by what they discover. When they return to discuss their findings with Liam, Robert is horrified to learn that Liam is probably one of the most vicious and prolific serial killers he has ever encountered.

In an effort to learn the breadth of his crimes, Robert and Courtney begin a series of interviews with Liam.  Liam agrees to reveal his victims’ names along with the location of their remains but only if Robert and Courtney agree to answer his questions with complete honesty. Wanting to bring closure to the friends and families of the missing persons, they reluctantly agree to Liam’s conditions. However, neither Robert nor Courtney are prepared for what Liam is about to reveal nor do they suspect how deeply personal he will probe into their lives. Liam’s queries about Robert’s painful past are met with resistance but in the end, Robert has no choice but revisit the unhealed wounds he carries with him.

With each interview session, the tension builds as Liam discloses the horrific details of his increasingly gruesome and sadistic murders. Staggered by the extent of Liam’s depravity, Robert must put aside his personal feelings when Liam makes an appalling announcement that puts them in a race against time to find his latest victim. Ignoring his instincts, Robert gives in Liam’s demands and accompanied by Courtney, the three embark on an adrenaline filled journey that is full of shocking twists and turns.

An Evil Mind by Chris Carter is a dark and twisted psychological thriller that is impossible to put down. With brilliantly developed characters, an unpredictable storyline and mind-boggling plot twists, this suspense-laden novel thunders at a breakneck speed to a dramatic and action-filled conclusion that will keep readers’ guessing the final outcome right up until the very last page. An absolutely outstanding police procedural that I highly recommend to old and new fans of the Robert Hunter series.


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