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Review: Closing Time by Brenda Chapman

Title: Closing Time by Brenda Chapman
Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery Series Book Seven
Publisher: Dundurn
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery
Length: 392 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Secrets abound at a northern Ontario lodge when a teenage employee is murdered.

It’s late summer and a restless Officer Kala Stonechild has taken her foster niece, Dawn, on a canoe trip at Pine Hollow Lodge in the wilderness north of Sault Ste. Marie. But the getaway turns deadly when a teenage girl goes missing on her way home from an evening shift at the lodge’s restaurant.

After the girl’s body is found between the lodge and the nearby town of Searchmont, Stonechild reluctantly agrees to help with the investigation. She’s teamed with Clark Harrison, an officer she worked with during her last posting in northwestern Ontario. As the investigation heats up, Stonechild’s past threatens the close bonds she’s forged back home. Will she return to her life in Kingston, or will the rekindling of an old relationship lure her away for good?


The final installment in the outstanding Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery series, Closing Time by Brenda Chapman is an engrossing mystery.

Concerned about her niece Dawn and feeling on edge, Officer Kala Stonechild is taking some much needed time off from work. Leaving the city behind, Kala rents a cabin at a quiet, isolated lodge where she hopes spending time in nature will help decide her future. She and Dawn have only been on vacation for one day when a teenage employee disappears and is later found dead.  The officer working the case is none other than her former co-worker Clark Harrison. At Harrison’s request and the urging of Dawn, Kala joins the investigation. They quickly turn their attention to the people who last saw  victim Rachel Eglan alive. Could one of them have murdered the introverted sixteen year old?

Kala is very contemplative as she and Dawn try to spend as much time as possible in the wilderness.  For someone who has never had roots, Kala is uncertain whether she wants to remain in Kingston. Even her life with her niece is a little unsettled since Dawn’s mother might be released from prison after her parole hearing.  She is happy with her relationship with fellow police officer Paul Gunderson but is Kala really ready to permanently settle down?

Kala is soon quite busy as she and Clark begin questioning the people at the lodge. Kala senses owners Martha and Neal Loring and their cook Shane Patterson and his wife Petra are not being entirely forthcoming. Ian Kruger, Blaine Rogers and Thomas Faraday are long time renters who also fall under suspicion due to their proximity to Rachel. While Kala and Clark soon rule out other suspects, they turn their attention to Father Alec Vila. Rachel’s mother is deeply devout and Rachel regularly attended mass with her. Kala feels like they are inching closer to unmasking their killer when someone connected to the case is murdered. Will she and Clark catch the murderer before he/she strikes again?

Closing Time is a riveting mystery with well-drawn characters and a clever storyline.  Despite her distractions with her personal life, Kala is still an intuitive police officer with sharp instincts. The investigation into the murders moves at a steady pace. However, she and Harris have numerous suspects but no obvious motive the killings. With a jaw-dropping plot twist, Brenda Chapman brings this exciting mystery to an action-packed conclusion.

An excellent finale but I am a little sad this is the last time I will cozy up with the beloved characters from the Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery series.

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