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Review: Personal by Lee Child

personalTitle: Personal by Lee Child
Jack Reacher Series Book 19
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Length:369 pages
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


Jack Reacher returns in the latest fast-moving, action-packed, suspenseful book from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child.

You can leave the army, but the army doesn’t leave you. Not always. Not completely, notes Jack Reacher—and sure enough, the retired military cop is soon pulled back into service. This time, for the State Department and the CIA.

Someone has taken a shot at the president of France in the City of Light. The bullet was American. The distance between the gunman and the target was exceptional. How many snipers can shoot from three-quarters of a mile with total confidence? Very few, but John Kott—an American marksman gone bad—is one of them. And after fifteen years in prison, he’s out, unaccounted for, and likely drawing a bead on a G-8 summit packed with enough world leaders to tempt any assassin.

If anyone can stop Kott, it’s the man who beat him before: Reacher. And though he’d rather work alone, Reacher is teamed with Casey Nice, a rookie analyst who keeps her cool with Zoloft. But they’re facing a rough road, full of ruthless mobsters, Serbian thugs, close calls, double-crosses—and no backup if they’re caught. All the while Reacher can’t stop thinking about the woman he once failed to save. But he won’t let that that happen again. Not this time. Not Nice.

Reacher never gets too close. But now a killer is making it personal

The Review:

Personal is the nineteenth novel starring the somewhat mysterious but always resourceful Jack Reacher and as always, Lee Child does an outstanding job keeping the series fresh, interesting and entertaining. While this outing is a little different than the other novels in the series, devoted fans will be pleased to learn that the very things that are unique to the character and the series are carefully preserved.

For those not familiar with the series, Jack Reacher is a retired military policeman who lives off the grid. He has no permanent address, carries no belongings other than a toothbrush and he eschews modern technology. Reacher travels by bus to various cities which he usually explores on foot until he gets the urge to move on. He is a champion of the underdog, righter of wrongs and there is no question that he has a strong moral compass.

In this latest novel, an old Army acquaintance calls in an old debt to get Reacher’s help in tracking down the sniper who tried assassinate the president of France. Quickly narrowing down the suspect pool, the trail leads directly to John Kott, a special forces sniper that Reacher outwitted and put behind bars sixteen years earlier. With the help of an inexperienced but fully capable agent, Casey Nice, their investigation begins in a remote area of Arkansas where they uncover evidence that supports the theory that Kott is indeed the sniper they are searching for. It is also apparent to Reacher and Casey that Kott is long gone and their search for the would be assassin soon goes international.

This mystery has larger implications than the typical Reacher investigations and most of the novel takes place across the pond. Jack is used to working with little local help or resources so he again mainly relies on his instincts and previous experience as an MP. Using old school investigative techniques and good old common sense, Reacher’s incredibly analytical mind quickly arrives at a working theory early on. But suspecting and proving are two completely things, so he and Casey match wits with local gang leaders and members as they close in on their quarry.

With Personal, Lee Child takes a risk and steps out of his tried and true formula and he revitalizes the Jack Reacher series with this innovative endeavor. The plot is refreshingly unique and quite clever although savvy readers will most likely pick on clues that foreshadow the novel’s conclusion. Longtime fans will be delighted with the unexpected glimpses into Reacher’s past. His relationship with Casey is different than previous books and his interactions with her provide insight into what makes him tick. All in all, it is a well-written, action-packed adventure that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment in the Jack Reacher series.


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Blog Tour Stop, Spotlight & Giveaway: A Promise of More by Bronwen Evans

promiseTitle: A Promise of More by Bronwen Evans
The Disgraced Lords Series Book Two
Publisher: Random House
Imprint: Loveswept
Genre: Historical, Romance
Length: 280 pages


In the second novel in Bronwen Evans’s sexy new Disgraced Lords series, two very independent souls find themselves fighting to resist a deepening passion.

When Beatrice Hennessey sets out to confront Lord Coldhurst, the notorious rogue who killed her brother in a duel, her intent is to save her family from destitution. She’s determined to blackmail the man into a loveless marriage. She’ll make the wealthy Lord Coldhurst pay for the rest of his life. But while greeting his ship, Beatrice takes a tumble into the Thames—only to be fished out by a pair of strong masculine arms that tempt her to stay locked in their heated embrace forever. That is, until she realizes those arms belong to Sebastian Hawkestone, Lord Coldhurst himself.

The little drowned mermaid has an interesting proposition indeed; one that Sebastian is surprised to find quite agreeable. Although he’s had women more beautiful, she is pleasing to the eye, and besides, it’s time he fathered an heir. Beatrice promises to be the ideal wife; a woman who hates him with an all-consuming passion is far too sensible to expect romance. However, it isn’t long before Sebastian’s plan for a marriage of convenience unravels, and he’s caught up in the exhilarating undertow of seduction.

Purchase Links: Amazon * B&N * BAM

evansBronwen Evans grew up loving books. She has always indulged her love of storytelling and is constantly gobbling up movies, books, and theater. Is it any wonder she’s a proud romance writer? Evans is a two-time winner of the RomCon Readers’ Crown and has been nominated for an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

Author Links: Facebook | Twitter | Website


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Review: Control by Charlotte Stein

controlTitle: Control by Charlotte Stein
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Imprint: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Ménage, M/F/M, M/F
Length: 258 pages
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


Will she choose control or just let go?

When Madison Morris wanted to hire a shop assistant for her naughty little bookstore, she never dreamed she’d have two handsome men vying for the position—and a whole lot more. Does she choose dark and dangerous Andy with his sexy tattoos? Or quiet, serious Gabriel, whose lean physique and gentle touch tempt her more than she thought possible?

She loves the way Andy takes charge when it comes to sex. But the turmoil in Gabe’s eyes hints at a deep well of complicated emotions locked inside. When the fun and games are over, only one man can have control of her heart.

The Review:

Charlotte Stein’s Control is a delectably naughty erotic romance that hits all the right spots. Plenty of steamy, lust-filled sex scenes perfectly compliment the surprisingly emotional storyline and the resulting story is sizzling, funny and poignant. An absolute must read for readers who enjoy a novel that is not afraid to tread into forbidden sexual territory.

Bookstore owner Madison Morris is in a quandary about which applicant to hire as her assistant. Über sexy Andy Yarrow with the deliciously yummy tattoos and a penchant for taking control in the bedroom? Or shy, quiet, inhibited Gabriel with the tempting voyeuristic tendencies? No matter which man Madison chooses, her control is going to be sorely tested!

Madison is not afraid to take a walk on the sexual wild side and there is not a fantasy she is not willing to try. With the right man, she is more than willing to unleash her dominant side. But Madison is also comfortable taking the submissive role as well. She also likes some dirty talking-both as the talker and the listener. I think Madison is the perfect heroine because she is willing to do what we’d all like to do: embrace and explore our sexuality without limits.

Of the two heroes, Gabriel is the one who pretty much stole my heart. He is gentle, charming and sexually inexperienced with just the right amount of vulnerability. Madison’s dominance is something he craves and although he is embarrassed about some of his desires, he is up for just about anything she commands. But the most compelling scenes between these two are the ones where Gabriel reveals information about his past. Their emotional connection is just as strong as their sexual one but it takes them both a while to realize it.

Ah, I just love a bad boy and Andy fits that role perfectly. In real life he is pretty laidback but in the bedroom? He prefers calling the shots. Andy completely dominates Madison and he makes an intriguing third in Madison and Gabriel’s ménage explorations. He is a bit of a wanker (I just love that word!!!) but he manages to surprise me with his unexpected insight into Madison and Gabriel’s relationship.

The sex scenes are scorching hot and plentiful. Despite the dominant and submissive roles, it is not a BDSM novel and although there are a couple of ménages, it is not a true ménage either. It is a sexually adventurous book that defies categorization and I think that’s why I liked it so much.

Control is written in first person from Madison’s perspective. There is a stream of consciousness feel to her inner monologue but once I got used to it, I really enjoyed it. It is a little confusing for the first chapter but by the second chapter, the story flows very smoothly. The humor is well-timed and laugh out loud funny. The characters and overall plot have depth and substance and in between bouts of incendiary sex, a true romance develops. I think it is safe to say that Charlotte Stein is now on my auto-buy list and I have been eagerly purchasing her backlist!


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