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Riptide Publishing Anniversary Blog Tour, Interview with Amy Lane & Contest

Thanks for joining us on the Riptide Publishing First Anniversary Blog Hop Bash! All month long, we’re bringing you guest posts and interviews from your favorite authors, artists, and Riptide staff. As a thank you for helping us celebrate, we’re also giving away $10 in Riptide store credit to one lucky commenter at every stop! Simply leave a comment below by 11:59pm on Sunday, October 21st to enter. Be sure to check out our complete tour schedule to find out where else you can enter to win—one Grand Prize winner drawn from commenters at all the stops will also win a Kindle that we’ll load with every book we publish in 2013!

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Today we have an interview with Amy Lane, author of Country Mouse. Look forward to reading a follow-up release to Country Mouse late 2012 or early 2013!

Hi, Amy! Tell us about your writing. What draws you to romance? M/M romance?

What draws me to romance in general is the human connection. Romance gets a bad rap as a lightweight genre, but the fact is, the romantic relationship is one of the four basic human relationships, and it’s the one on which all of the others rest. As for what draws me to m/m? Well, I like men, for one thing! But for another, it’s a meeting of true equals. It all comes down to the personality and the character, and that is fun to write!

What do you think is sexy?

Respect, a meeting of the minds, a combination of moods.

How do you make your characters so sexy?

I remember specific moments in person, on film, in literature, even in music, that have really turned my key.

What’s your own sexiest feature?

Mate says it’s my imagination. I’ll take his word for it!

We know you’re a romance writer. What’s your day job?

It was teaching, but they weren’t so pro on the romance writer thing, so now it’s romance writer!

Do you write under a pen name?

Yes! I made the name up to discourage unwanted suitors, back when I was hot enough to get them, and it was sort of a promise between me and my husband that someday I would write.

Will you tell us your real name?


Okay, fine 🙂 Next question: If one of your titles could be made into a movie, which would it be and who would play the lead roles?

Keeping Promise Rock, and Jensen Ackles would be Deacon!

How big is your personal library? What genre do you read/collect the most?

Too big to count and falling off the shelves. Urban Fantasy.

What’s your favorite hobby outside of writing?

Knitting & Crocheting.

What’s the one question you wish people would ask you when you tell them you’re a writer?

“How noisy is it in your head.”

What’s the most annoying thing people say when you tell them you’re a writer?

“You should write a book about my life!”

If you were stranded on an island with one book and one object, what would they be?

Shakespeare’s Collected Works and a neverending knitting project.

Do you have a favorite character out of all the ones you’ve written? Why is he/she your favorite?

Bracken from the Little Goddess series, because he’s simple. He has the focus for Cory, his beloved, the focus for Green, his leader, and he had the focus for Adrian, his brother of the heart. When Adrian died, Cory became his world—the. End. I adore that kind of commitment.

What are your daily must-stop blogs and websites?

Samurai Knitter, Twitter, Goodreads, Huffington Post, Mother Jones.

Thanks for stopping by! Speaking of online hangouts, where are yours? Where can your readers find you?

At my NEW website,, my blog,, Twitter under amymaclane, and Facebook, under myself.

Author Bio:

Amy Lane exists happily with her noisy family in a crumbling suburban crapmansion, and equally happily with the surprisingly demanding voices who live in her head. She loves cats, movies, yarn, pretty colors, pretty men, shiny things, and Twu Wuv, and despises house cleaning, low fat granola bars, and vainglorious prickweenies. She can be found at her computer, dodging housework, or simultaneously reading, watching television, and knitting, because she likes to freak people out by proving it can be done.

You can find Amy at: Website * Blog * Twitter * Facebook

Title: Country Mouse by Amy Lane & Aleksandr Voinov
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: M/M, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
Length: 25,000 words/79 pages


Owen may be a bit of a country mouse, but he’s loving his vacation in London. After a long day playing tourist, he’s on the hunt for some cheap beer and a good burger. Instead he finds a man hunting him, an arrogant prick with only one thing on the brain: the kind of meat that doesn’t come on a bun.

Eighty-hour weeks at a trading desk don’t leave Malcolm Kavanagh much time for meaningful relationships. Besides, in his world, everything’s a competition—even sex. When his newest one-night-sub fails to show, Malcolm sets his sights on the pretty young Yank on the bar stool beside him.

Owen’s all for an adventure with a native, but he’s not the pushover Malcolm thinks he is, and Malcolm’s not as shallow as he tries to be. They both soon learn that nothing’s too intimate to share with a stranger, and the strangest things happen when two people share the most important pieces of their hearts.


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