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Review: Finding Hope by Janice Kay Johnson

Title: Finding Hope by Janice Kay Johnson
Tompkins Mill Series Book Three
Publisher: Berkley
Genre: Contemporary, Amish, Romance
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B+

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In this heartwarming and affecting Amish romance, a young woman has the chance to begin a new life in the Amish community after old betrayals come to light.

Hannah Prescott was used to the transitory life—her mother had always been a wild child, and throughout her life, Hannah became used to taking care of someone who never settled down. But everything changes when Hannah receives the startling news that her mother stole her away from her biological father and the Amish community at a young age.

Although heartbroken and confused, Hannah decides that in order to find out who she is, she needs to find out who she could have been. This includes not only a relationship with her father, but also the chance to make a connection with a young widower who recently moved to the settlement with his children. While her mother still disdains the Amish, and her new community is wary of outsiders, only Hannah can know if she’s brave enough to commit to a fresh start and a real home.


Finding Hope by Janice Kay Johnson is a delightful Amish romance that tugs on the heartstrings. Although this newest release is the third novel in the Tompkins Mill series, it can be read as a standalone. But I highly recommend the previous books as well.

Twenty-seven-year-old Hannah Prescott is shocked to learn her mother has lied to her for her entire life. Instead of having no other family, she is stunned to discover her mom stole her away from her father, grandparents and other family members. Wanting to get to know her grandmother, grandfather and her dad, she puts her regular life on hold to travel to Tompkins Mill, Missouri.

Upon her arrival, Hannah is shocked to learn that her dad is Amish and she has step-siblings. Incredibly angry with her mom, Hannah lives with her father and starts working for Amish farmer Gideon Lantz. She takes care of household duties and cares for his two children, eight-year-old Zeb and six-year-old Rebekah. While trying to come to terms with her mother’s deception, Hannah finds peace within the Amish community as she explores her deepening faith and growing feels for Gideon.

Hannah’s childhood was rather nomadic since her mom moved quite frequently. She was forced to grow up very fast since her mom is always outrunning her mistakes. Hannah is a trained chef and although she likes her job, she feels like something is missing. She has always had a strong faith but complete spiritual satisfaction is elusive. Hannah settles very easily into Amish life but is she ready to leave behind modern conveniences for a simpler, more faithful life?

Gideon moved to Tompkins Mill following the death of his wife. He is very happy with the decision and he and his children are much liked members of the community. Without family nearby, Gideon is struggling a bit with finding a reliable person to work for him. He is somewhat taken aback at how quickly Hannah settles into taking care of the house and the easy affection between her and his children. Gideon is troubled by how much her presence is affecting him and he has to continually remind himself she is not Amish. As her time in town draws to a close, is there any chance for a future for Gideon and Hannah?

Finding Hope is a marvelous Amish romance with a wonderful cast of characters and a realistic storyline. Hannah is struggling to forgive her mother’s deception and making a decision about whether or not to return to her previous life. Meanwhile, Gideon’s past collides with his present and he is reluctant to reveal the complete truth to his children. At the same time, Hannah and Gideon are uncertain about what to do about their growing feelings for one another. With their future hanging in the balance, Janice Kay Johnson brings this charming novel to an uplifting conclusion. Old and new fans of the Tompkins Mill series are sure to love this newest installment in this wonderful series.

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