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Review: Girl in the Rearview Mirror by Kelsey Rae Dimberg

Title: Girl in the Rearview Mirror by Kelsey Rae Dimberg
Publisher: William Morrow
Genre: Contemporary, Mystery, Suspense
Length: 384 pages
Book Rating: C+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through Edelweiss


I never meant to lie. That is, I never wanted to.

They are Phoenix’s First Family: handsome Philip Martin, son of the sitting Senator, an ex-football player who carries himself with an easy grace and appears destined to step into his father’s seat when the time is right; his wife Marina, the stylish and elegant director of Phoenix’s fine arts museum; and their four-year-old daughter Amabel, beautiful and precocious and beloved.

Finn Hunt is working a dull office job to pay off her college debt when she meets Philip and charms Amabel. She eagerly agrees to nanny, thinking she’s lucked into the job of a lifetime. Though the glamour of the Martins’ lifestyle undeniably dazzles Finn, her real pleasure comes from being part of the family: sharing quick jokes with Philip in the kitchen before he leaves for work; staying late when Marina needs a last-minute sitter; and spending long days with Amabel, who is often treated more like a photo op than a child.

But behind every façade lurks a less attractive truth. When a young woman approaches Finn, claiming a connection with Philip and asking Finn to pass on a message, Finn becomes caught up in a web of deceit with the senate seat at its center. And Finn isn’t exactly innocent herself: she too has a background she has kept hidden, and under the hot Phoenix sun, everything is about to be laid bare. . . .


Girl in the Rearview Mirror by Kelsey Rae Dimberg is an intriguing mystery set in the world of politics.

Nanny Finn Hunt delights in caring for rambunctious four year old Amabel  Martin. Her parents Philip and Marina Martin are influential in the local community. Philip’s father, Senator Jim Martin is up for re-election in a tight race. When Amabel points out a young woman whom she says has been following her,  Finn is initially skeptical of her claims. But once the woman approaches her with a story that could damage the Martin family, Finn is reluctant to confide in her employers or her boyfriend, Bryant Dewitt, who is an aide to the Senator.  As the situation spirals out of control, Finn is determined to uncover the truth after tragedy strikes.

Finn comes from humble beginnings but since reinventing herself after moving to Arizona, she has fabricated much of her background.  She has been less than honest with Bryant but she is certain revealing her secrets will end their relationship. Finn’s fascination with Philip makes it difficult for her to believe the woman’s story, but the situation quickly escalates due to Finn’s inaction.  She remains on the fringes of the family as she tries to piece together the truth and protect the Martins.  However, Finn could never have predicted how terribly wrong her association with the powerful family will end.

Finn is a bit of an enigmatic figure who holds her secrets close.  The Martins, of course, know the truth about her past, but with everyone else, she reveals as little as possible about herself. She adores young Amabel but Finn’s relationship with Marina is distant and strictly professional. Finn’s interest in Philip has run its course but she still believes the best about him. Desperate to understand why this woman has targeted the Martin family, Finn takes matters into her own hands and begins her own investigation. Will uncovering the truth bring her a measure of peace? Or will it ruin the life she has built for herself?

Girl in the Rearview Mirror is an interesting mystery that is a bit slow paced. Finn is a likable young woman but she quickly unravels and makes ill-thought out decisions that puts herself in the path of danger. The political world is often dark, murky and ruthless but how far will the people in the Martin’s orbit go to protect the family? With a very shocking twist, Kelsey Rae Dimberg brings her debut mystery to a stunning but somewhat predictable conclusion.

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