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Review: Her Dark Lies by J. T. Ellison

Title:Her Dark Lies by J.T. Ellison
Publisher: MIRA
Genre: Contemporary, Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
Length: 416 pages
Book Rating: B+

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Fast-paced and brilliantly unpredictable, J.T. Ellison’s breathtaking new novel invites you to a wedding none will forget—and some won’t survive.

Jutting from sparkling turquoise waters off the Italian coast, Isle Isola is an idyllic setting for a wedding. In the majestic cliff-top villa owned by the wealthy Compton family, up-and-coming artist Claire Hunter will marry handsome, charming Jack Compton, surrounded by close family, intimate friends…and a host of dark secrets.

From the moment Claire sets foot on the island, something seems amiss. Skeletal remains have just been found. There are other, newer disturbances, too. Menacing texts. A ruined wedding dress. And one troubling shadow hanging over Claire’s otherwise blissful relationship—the strange mystery surrounding Jack’s first wife.

Then a raging storm descends, the power goes out—and the real terror begins…


Her Dark Lies by J. T. Ellison is an atmospheric and suspense-laden mystery.

Artist Claire Hunter and her wealthy fiancé Jack Compton are met with the stunning news that remains have found as they arrive at his family’s home on Isle Isola. Having just experienced a traumatic experience before traveling to Italy from the US, Claire is shaken by this unexpected information. Although she and Jack are just days away from exchanging their vows, she is still hoping for more details from him about his deceased wife, Morgan Fraser. With storms bearing down on them and ominous occurrences that leave everyone on edge, will Claire and Jack make it to the alter?

Claire is ten years younger than Jack but her life experiences provide her with the maturity to not push her fiancé for answers to her questions. She has plenty of secrets in her past which she would rather not see the light of day so she respects his boundaries. Although a little intimidated by Jack’s family, Claire is up to the challenge of becoming a Compton.

Jack is laid-back but when he is crossed? He is quick to unleash his anger. But when it comes to Claire, he is completely in love and protective of her. But behind his mostly calm façade, Jack is keeping secrets about both his personal and professional lives. When the family business comes under siege, Jack, his family and their security team are ruthless as they try to unmask the enemy targeting them.

With fiendishly clever twists and turns, Her Dark Lies is an absolutely compelling mystery. The characters are very well-drawn with realistic strengths and weaknesses. The storyline is positively chilling as the body count continues to pile up while storms rage around the island. With plenty of secrets in both their pasts, will Claire and Jack unearth the truth about who is targeting them and his family? J. T. Ellison provides the answer to this question with a jaw-dropping, dramatic conclusion. I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this psychological thriller to readers of the genre.

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