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Review: Imagine Summer by Shelley Noble

Title: Imagine Summer by Shelley Noble
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction
Length: 405 pages
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through Edelweiss


The New York Times bestselling author of Whisper Beach delights with her latest beach read about two estranged sisters who must decide to face the past or risk history repeating itself.

As a child, Skylar Mackenzie’s imagination always got her in trouble. Now it’s making her a fortune. She owns Imagine That, a toy and bookstore and creativity center in a small Rhode Island beach town where children, and adults, can use their imagination free from judgment.

Skye is about to embark on her biggest venture yet, a weekend retreat of family exploration. But it begins to unravel when she finds her estranged half-sister Amy on the doorstep. And Amy’s not alone.

She’s brought Skye’s first love, Connor Reid—the boy who broke her heart; the man who could break it again.

Amy claims she wants to make amends—but how can Skye trust her? It was Amy’s lies that drove her from home fifteen years before. Suddenly, Skye’s perfectly imagined summer is in jeopardy. Not to mention her perfectly ordered life. Or her beloved town’s financial future.

With Amy back to her old trouble-making ways, and Connor making Skye wonder what might have been, Skye makes a decision that may cost her everything.

Imagine Summer is a story of discovery, trust, and the courage to dream.


Imagine Summer by Shelley Noble is an interesting, drama-filled novel.

Skylar “Skye” Mackenzie is in the middle of planning an inaugural weekend for her business. She is already stressed when her estranged half-sister Amy, shows up without any notice. She is also accompanied by Skye’s former boyfriend, Connor Reid. Skye has a wonderful support system which includes her boyfriend, Jack Winslow, best friend Maya Daniels, her aunt Roxy and family friend Heddy Bloom. But Skye knows how manipulative and destructive Amy can be so all she wants is for her to leave. Connor is also a complication she does not need but she does enjoy catching with him. But with her inability to make progress with Amy, Jack’s troubling behavior and work problems piling up, Skye’s frustration manifests as sudden doubt about her decisions.

Skye’s businesses are wildly successful and she is proud of her accomplishments. She has excellent business sense and she is also very creative. Skye remains very close with Roxy and Heddy so she is not at all happy when they invite Amy and Connor to stay with them. She does her best to avoid them, but she knows she needs to make an effort with Amy. Unfortunately, her half-sister continues to pin the blame on her for a life-altering event that precipitated Skye’s move to Rhode Island.

Amy is in her mid-twenties and she refuses to accept responsibility for how her life has turned out. She is outspoken and without a filter, so she routinely angers just about everyone she encounters. Amy is intensely unhappy and she takes her dissatisfaction out on everyone around her. Although she finds success with a short-term job in town, Amy continues to lie and attempt to destroy Skey’s life with her deceitful schemes.

Imagine Summer is a fast-paced novel with a peaceful setting and an engaging storyline. With the exception of Amy, the various characters are very appealing and easy to relate to. Skye and Jack are rock solid but their relationship is vulnerable to the current situation.  Roxy and Heddy are absolutely wonderful and their interactions are quite enjoyable. The situation with Amy is annoying and predictable. Connor seems like a nice man, but is he still the same person Skye remembers? Shelley Noble brings the novel to a satisfying conclusion that is quite gratifying.

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