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Review: A Duke in Time by Janna MacGregor

Title: A Duke in Time by Janna MacGregor
The Widow Rules Series Book One
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperback
Genre: Historical, Romance
Length: 384 pages
Book Rating: B

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


A Duke in Time is the first book in a three-story arc that will have you rooting for leading heroines, searching for lost dowries, and falling for swoon-worthy heroes.

Katherine Vareck is in for the shock of her life when she learns upon her husband Meri’s accidental death that he had married two other women. Her entire business, along with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a royal supplier, is everything she’s been working for and now could be destroyed if word leaks about the three wives.

Meri’s far more upstanding brother, Christian, Duke of Randford has no earthly clue how to be of assistance. He spent the better part of his adult years avoiding Meri and the rest of his good-for-nothing family, so to be dragged back into the fold is…problematic. Even more so is the intrepid and beautiful Katherine, whom he cannot be falling for because she’s Meri’s widow. Or can he?

With a textile business to run and a strong friendship forming with Meri’s two other wives, Katherine doesn’t have time for much else. But there’s something about the warm, but compellingly taciturn Christian that draws her to him. When an opportunity to partner in a business venture brings them even closer, they’ll have to face their pasts if they want to share each other’s hearts and futures.


Taking place in 1815, A Duke in Time by Janna MacGregor is an enjoyable historical romance with a unique premise.

Katherine Vareck is stunned to discover her late husband Meriweather “Meri” Vareck has two other wives. Theirs was a short courtship with a whirlwind marriage and she has not seen Meri since their wedding day. Needless to say, she is not exactly a grieving widow since her biggest concern is getting her dowry back. Katherine is also very concerned that a scandal about Meri’s polygamy would destroy her growing business. Discussing her plight with Meri’s brother, Christian, who is  a duke, Katherine agrees to assist him in a charity he would like to set up for men who have recently returned from war. As they spend more time together, a mutual attraction grows between them. Will the well-respected war hero convince the from the other of the sheets Katherine to give their relationship a chance?

Katherine has a very scandalous past that she would prefer no one uncovers. She is a very intelligent woman with a keen business sense. She has a thriving business that employs several people who need their jobs to survive. Katherine is very well-liked and respected by those around her but she lives in fear of her secrets being discovered. As her relationship with Christian becomes more serious, will Katherine reveal the truth about her past?

Christian finally gave up on Meri several years earlier and he is not exactly pleased with the mess his half-brother left for him to clean up.  Initially, he has no intention of dealing with Meri’s three wives. But after Katherine forces him to listen to her, he cannot walk away from them without helping. Underneath his gruff exterior, Christian is very kind and quite determined to assist the men who gave up everything to protect their country. With Katherine’s input, his goal of setting up his charity business is within his grasp.

A Duke in Time is a delightful historical romance with a strong female lead.  Katherine and Christian are from very different backgrounds but they are surprisingly compatible. Their fledgling romance is fun, flirty and sexy and features some very steamy love scenes. Despite a predictable conflict, Janna MacGregor brings this first installment in The Widow Rules series to a sigh-worthy conclusion.


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