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Review: Murder between the Lines by Radha Vatsal

Title: Murder between the Lines by Radha Vatsal
Kitty Weeks Mystery Series Book Two
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Genre: Historical, Mystery
Length: 320 pages
Book Rating: B

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Intrepid journalist Kitty Weeks returns in the second book in this acclaimed WW1-era historical mystery series to investigate the death of a boarding school student.

When Kitty’s latest assignment for the New York Sentinel Ladies’ Page takes her to Westfield Hall, she expects to find an orderly establishment teaching French and dancing-but there’s more going on at the school than initially meets the eye.

Tragedy strikes when a student named Elspeth is found frozen to death in Central Park. The doctor’s proclaim that the girl’s sleepwalking was the cause, but Kitty isn’t so sure.

Determined to uncover the truth, Kitty must investigate a more chilling scenario-a murder that may involve Elspeth’s scientist father and a new invention by a man named Thomas Edison.


Murder between the Lines is the second intriguing installment in Radha Vatsal’s fantastic Kitty Weeks Mystery series.

Nineteen year old Capability “Kitty” Weeks is still writing articles for the Ladies Page of the New York Sentinel.  During her interview for her latest assignment, she is delighted to meet a Elspeth Bright, a highly intelligent young woman who has dreams of pursuing a degree as a scientist after she completes her studies at Westfield Hall. Kitty agrees to meet Elspeth away from the school but their discussion is interrupted by a nosy neighbor. Before they can talk again, Kitty is stunned to discover Elspeth died under tragic circumstances. Suspicious Elspeth’s death was no accident, Kitty is quick to agree to the Brights’ request she look into what was troubling their daughter before her death.

Kitty is trying to make her way in the world at a time when women have very few rights. She continues to live with her father but she is growing a little weary of how overprotective he is as she tries to look into Elspeth’s death. She is also shaping  her own opinions as she is exposed to the various issues of the time period, the most important of which is the Suffrage movement.  Delighted that her editor Helena Busby is becoming a little more open to allowing her and her co-worker Jeannie Williams to cover more controversial (for the time period) topics for the Ladies Page, Kitty works on her assignments in between her investigation into Elspeth’s death.

Kitty’s investigation into Elspeth’s death takes her down some very unexpected avenues of inquiry. She is surprised to learn Elspeth was working on a project involving batteries and their use in submarine warfare. She is also rather curious about Elspeth’s relationship with her father’s former assistant Phillip Emerson. Was Elspeth’s death nothing more than a tragic accident related to her sleepwalking? Or is there a more sinister reason for her untimely death?

Set in late 1915 and early 1916, Murder between the Lines is an extremely clever mystery that is quite engrossing. Kitty is fantastic lead protagonist and Radha Vatsal’s impeccable research brings the time period vibrantly to life.  The investigation into Elspeth’s puzzling death takes a very unexpected turn and Kitty discovers that life is not always black and white.  A wonderful addition to the Kitty Weeks Mystery series that readers of amateur sleuths and history buffs are sure to enjoy.

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Review: A Front Page Affair by Radha Vatsal

Title: A Front Page Affair by Radha Vatsal
Kitty Weeks Mystery Series Book One
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Genre: Historical (1915), Mystery
Length: 336 pages
Book Rating: B

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New York City, 1915

The Lusitania has just been sunk, and headlines about a shooting at J.P. Morgan’s mansion and the Great War are splashed across the front page of every newspaper. Capability “Kitty” Weeks would love nothing more than to report on the news of the day, but she’s stuck writing about fashion and society gossip over on the Ladies’ Page—until a man is murdered at a high society picnic on her beat.

Determined to prove her worth as a journalist, Kitty finds herself plunged into the midst of a wartime conspiracy that threatens to derail the United States’ attempt to remain neutral—and to disrupt the privileged life she has always known.

Radha Vatsal’s A Front Page Affair is the first book in highly anticipated series featuring rising journalism star Kitty Weeks.


A Front Page Affair by Radha Vatsal is a clever historical mystery starring an intrepid young reporter turned amateur sleuth.  Set in 1915, this first installment in the Kitty Weeks Mystery series is an entertaining and educational debut that is quite riveting.

On her first independent assignment for the Ladies Page, Capability “Kitty” Weeks is sent to cover an Independence Day celebration hosted by Bessie Basshor.  Excited to venture into the “real” world of reporting, Kitty is busy observing the partygoers and conducting informal interviews when news spreads that Hunter Cole, a fellow guest, has been murdered in the stables.   Excited when she is asked to help cover the story for the newspaper, Kitty is soon embroiled in her own investigation into Hunter’s death after the police quickly make an arrest in the case.

The daughter of a wealthy businessman, Kitty is an intelligent nineteen year old who wants a little more from life than managing her father’s household. Her position at the newspaper allows her  to balance her need for a career with her family obligations and although she only works part time, she takes her job seriously.  She is a little immature and somewhat naive, but her natural curiosity leads her to continue digging into the circumstances surrounding Hunter’s murder.  Headstrong and independent, Kitty jeopardizes her position at the newspaper when she ignores her Ladies’ Page assignments in order to  pursue her investigation.

In addition to the mystery surrounding Hunter’s death, Kitty finds herself looking into her father’s business ventures after an unsettling visit from the Secret Service.  Shaken by their accusations, she realizes she does not know him quite as well as she thought and after he refuses to answer her questions, she begins secretly digging into his recent activities.  Although troubled by some of the information she uncovers, Kitty is determined to prove her father is innocent of any wrongdoing.

A Front Page Affair is an intriguing mystery with a cast of well-developed characters and a unique storyline.  Radha Vatsal’s meticulous research brings both the time period and the setting vividly to life and  these historic details add depth and authenticity to the overall story.  The mystery aspect of the storyline is well written and it is nearly impossible to guess the killer’s identity or motive for the murder until the novel’s somewhat dramatic conclusion.  An excellent first installment in the Kitty Weeks Mystery series that will leave readers impatiently awaiting Kitty’s next adventure.

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