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Review: Mastering a Sinner by Kate Pearce

mastering sinnerTitle: Mastering a Sinner by Kate Pearce
The Sinners Club Series Book Three
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: Historical, Romance, Erotica
Length: 289 pages
Book Rating: B

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Bound by sensual secrets and illicit fantasies, the select members of the Sinners Club are privy to carnal pleasures too shocking to share. . .

Seductive Surrender

Alistair Maclean enjoys his work as secretary at the Sinners Club until the women at the Club demand a secretary of their own. Suddenly Alistair finds himself at the mercy of a wanton beauty who demands Alistair submit to her in ways he’s only ever dreamed about. . .

Deep Submission

Diana, Lady Theale, has secrets from her past she must protect. But that doesn’t stop her from enjoying passion in the present. She needs Alistair’s help to untangle the mystery of her parentage, but she also needs his body to satisfy her darkly erotic desires…

The Review:

Mastering a Sinner is another sumptuously decadent installment in Kate Pearce’s über steamy historical series, The Sinner’s Club. This deliciously erotic romance has a slight element of mystery to the storyline but the overall focus is on the developing D/s relationship between Alistair Maclean and Diana Theale.

Ever since his father was convicted of treason, oldest son Alistair has been the family’s sole supporter. His mother and sisters still live in Scotland, but he and his brother, Harry, now call London home. Alistair works as a secretary for the Sinner’s Club and he has his hands full trying to keep Harry out of trouble.

Left penniless after her husband’s death, Diana is also employed as a secretary at the Sinner’s Club. She is an orphan who knows little about her past but she has a few suspicions about the identity of her father.  Diana is hoping to find answers to her questions at the Sinner’s Club, but she keeps her investigation a closely guarded secret.

Alistair senses Diana has ulterior motives for accepting the position at the club, but no one takes his doubts seriously. He is quickly sidetracked from digging deeper into her background by the latest crisis with Harry which involves a debt he owes at the disreputable Demon Club. However, Alistair’s biggest distraction is his unexpected D/s relationship with Diana.

Alistair is a submissive who finds it difficult to discuss his limits. Diana is a dominant who pushes Alistair to be honest about his needs. Diana puts her needs before Alistair’s and she is more concerned about her satisfying her desires than his. Alistair cannot resist his attraction to her, but he finds it almost impossible to completely surrender to her.

As with the previous novels in The Sinners Club series, the sex scenes in Mastering a Sinner are scorching hot. Diana is in complete control of her encounters with Alistair and she sometimes takes their scenes a little too far. Needing some guidance, she turns to Lord Minshom (from Simply Insatiable) and under his tutelage, Alistair is finally forced to set his sexual boundaries. This becomes a bit of a turning point for Alistair and Diana, but she is still reluctant to completely trust Alistair with her secrets.

Mastering a Sinner by Kate Pearce is a captivating read that is fast paced with a well-developed storyline and engaging characters. The sex scenes are exquisitely detailed and very erotic. All in all, it is a superb addition to The Sinner’s Club that old and new fans of the series are going to love!

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