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Review: On Magnolia Lane by Denise Hunter

Title: On Magnolia Lane by Denise Hunter
Blue Ridge Series Book Three
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational, Romance
Length: 320 pages
Book Rating: B+

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From the bestselling author of The Convenient Groom and A December Bride (now beloved Hallmark Original movies) comes the final book in the Blue Ridge Romance series.

Falling in love with Daisy was easy for Jack. But finding the courage to tell her becomes problematic when his secret feelings lead to even bigger complications.

After two years of counseling sessions with Daisy Pendleton, Pastor Jack McReady has earned a permanent spot in her life as a spiritual leader—and nothing more. Jack would never risk losing her trust by exposing the depths of his heart, but he’s hopelessly in love with her.

Daisy loves her southern small-town life and her job at her family-run flower shop, but she doesn’t have the thing she longs for most: someone to share it with. Her recent foray into online dating has been a disaster—until she meets TJ.

Jack could kill his friend Noah for using his initials and some indistinct photos to set up a profile on the dating app Daisy is using. But when he’s finally afforded the opportunity to show her a different side of himself, he’s sucked into the plan before he has time for second thoughts.

Online, Daisy shares some of her greatest fears with TJ, but in person, Jack and Daisy are spending more time together. When a devastating family secret surfaces, Daisy knows that only her trusted friend and counselor can bring her comfort. Jack wants nothing more than to be both men for Daisy, but revealing his secret will prove to be the ultimate test of Daisy’s grace.


On Magnolia Lane by Denise Hunter is a sweet, heartwarming Christian romance. Although this latest release is the third novel in the Blue Ridge series, it can be read as a standalone. However I HIGHLY recommend the entire series.

Pastor Jack McReady is in love with Daisy Pendleton but due to their age difference and the fact he is her pastor, he keeps his feelings to himself. Unbeknownst to Jack, Daisy is using a dating app and one of his friends has created a profile for Jack on the same site. Despite his serious reservations about deceiving Daisy, Jack (who goes by TJ on the app) continues chatting with her on the site. In real life, the two of them are unexpectedly growing closer since Daisy is finally viewing Jack as more than her pastor.  Jack’s conscious is telling him to confess the truth to Daisy, but will she understand his reason for his deception?

Jack is a wonderful pastor who is quite devoted to his congregation. While he is very confident in his career, he is shy and awkward around women. Although there are no restrictions about him dating someone from his congregation, Jack has been uncomfortable about taking his relationship with Daisy beyond friendship. When jealousy strikes, he makes a split second decision to continue getting to know Daisy as TJ. Never quite at ease with deceiving her, Jack eagerly looks forward to exchanging messages with her and he is quite delighted when, in real life, Daisy begins to consider more than just her spiritual guide.

Daisy is kind-hearted, compassionate and very involved in the local community.  She works alongside her mother and grandmother in their family owned florist shop. While her floral creations are much admired, Daisy suffers from low self-esteem. During their one on one sessions,  Pastor Jack has been a guiding force in helping her change the way she views herself. Although she sees him socially quite frequently, she views him pastor first and a friend last. After learning shocking information about her family, Daisy gradually begins to realize there is more to Jack than his vocation. Yet she is conflicted about her growing feelings for Jack since she is also quite smitten with TJ. What will happen when Daisy discovers that no one, including Jack, is as perfect as she believes?

On Magnolia Lane is an endearing romance that also provides a heartfelt lesson about grace and forgiveness. Jack and Daisy are richly developed characters whose flaws are wonderfully offset by their kindness and compassion. While Jack is quick to confess and ask forgiveness for his mistakes, Daisy is deeply disappointed by the discovery that her heroes are not infallible. Denise Hunter brings the novel to an uplifting, sigh-worthy conclusion. I greatly enjoyed and highly recommend this final installment in the Blue Ridge series to fans of the genre.

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