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Review: What the Heart Wants by Virginia Wise

Title: What the Heart Wants by Virginia Wise
Amish New World Series Book Three
Publisher: Zebra Books
Genre: Historical, Amish, Romance
Length: 320 pages
Book Rating: C

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Publisher Through NetGalley


In this latest novel in Virginia Wise’s enthralling historical saga about America’s first Amish settlement, two devoted sisters forge ahead in a difficult new world—only to find that love is a thrilling discovery of its own . . .

Outgoing and irrepressible, young Christina has her choice of suitors. But she and her practical-minded older sister, Hilda, have built a thriving life in the rugged Pennsylvania backcountry. Hilda has given up her marriage dreams as foolish—and Christina vows she’ll never marry until she finds her sister a husband. So when two handsome newcomers arrive, Christina engages in a bit of secret matchmaking—with disastrous results . . .

Johan is used to hard work and overcoming obstacles. He’s instantly drawn to Christina’s lively
nature—and agrees with her that his serious brother, Wilhelm, would be perfect for Hilda. But Christina’s selfless schemes are keeping her from seeing how much Johan really cares for her. And between mishaps, mistakes, and an unintentional masquerade, Christina and Johan will need to search their hearts to understand themselves, set things right—and embark on a future together . . .


What the Heart Wants by Virginia Wise is a charming historical Amish romance. Although this latest release is the third book in the Amish New World series, it can be read as a standalone.

Thirty-two year old Hilda raised her sister Christina after their parents’ deaths. The two eventually emigrate from Germany to the Pennsylvania wilderness where they live with a small group of other Amish families. They share a small cabin and support themselves with their herd of sheep.  Hilda bears the weight of responsibility gladly and she always puts work first.

Nineteen year old Christina Dresser is a dreamer whose head is in the clouds a lot of the time. She is a bit flighty and easily distracted. Christina’s heart is always in the right place which sometimes lands her in trouble as she tries to ensure her sister’s happiness.

Christina is instantly smitten with newcomer Johan Lantz. He, his brother Wilhelm and Wilhelm’s rambunctious sons have recently arrived and they working hard to establish their homestead. Johan is a flirt who at twenty-three, is in no hurry to settle down.  So when he meets Christina, he is caught off guard by his thoughts of marriage.

Wilhelm is a widower with his hands full with his three energetic sons. While not exactly looking for a new wife, he is not averse to marrying again. But he harbors doubts a woman would be willing to take on him and three young boys.

What the Heart Wants is an enjoyable Amish romance that is slow-paced.  The storyline is interesting but readers spend a lot of time in Johan and Christina’s heads since the chapters alternate between their viewpoints. They are both immature so there are miscommunications and misunderstandings between them. Virginia Wise brings this heartwarming romance to a gratifying conclusion. Fans of the Amish New World series are sure to love this latest installment.

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