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Review: Please Remember Me by Jacob Z. Flores

remember meTitle: Please Remember Me by Jacob Z. Flores
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Romance, Erotic
Length: 256 pages
Book Rating: B+

Complimentary Review Copy Provided by Author


Successful lawyer Santi Herrera couldn’t be happier with the direction his life is taking. Not only is he on track to becoming a partner in his law firm, but he’s planning his wedding to Hank Burton, a south Texas contractor who has made a name for himself despite his humble beginnings. The introverted lone wolf Santi and the friendly, outgoing Hank complement each other perfectly. From the moment they laid eyes on each other, they were hooked, and as far as Santi and Hank are concerned, a happily ever after is their destiny.

But fate deals them a devastating new hand.

A construction accident leaves Hank with severe head trauma and brings him precariously close to death. When he finally awakens, Hank doesn’t remember Santi or the love they shared for the past three years. Santi faces the greatest challenge of his life. Can he respark a flame his lover can’t recall? And can he stop the diverging paths that fickle fate charts between them?

Santi has faith in the love he and Hank shared and in the words his father once spoke to him: “It’s never too late to fall in love. All over again.”

The Review:

Please Remember Me is a beautifully written love story that is humorous, poignant and heartwarming. This fast-paced and engaging romance is sweet and sexy and the cast of characters is well-developed and appealing. While Jacob Z. Flores definitely pulls on the reader’s heartstrings, overall, it is a very uplifting and hopeful novel.

Santi Herrera and Henry “Hank” Burton have a fairy tale romance. The two meet while Santi is in San Diego on vacation and although they have faced a few challenges, they are deliriously happy. But, a few weeks before their wedding, a tragic accident leaves Hank in a coma and Santi fearing for his beloved fiancé’s life. Santi is relieved when Hank finally regains consciousness but his joy turns to dismay when he realizes that Hank has absolutely no memory of their relationship. Santi knows that Hank may never regain his lost memories, but he refuses to give up hope that Hank will fall in love with him again.

Santi is a workaholic, introverted lawyer who has never had a relationship let alone been in love until he meets Hank. From the second he spots Hank, Santi steps out of his comfort zone and their resulting romance is pretty much a dream come true for both men. Despite the challenges of a long distance relationship, Santi becomes much more laid back and although he is still focused on making partner at his law firm, he makes time for fun too.

Hank is the complete opposite of Santi. He is very outgoing and gregarious with a serious love for understated bling. He, too, works hard but he also has an active social life. Hank’s only serious relationship did not end well and in the years following his painful break up, he has avoided serious entanglements. But Hank has a big heart and he does not let his past prevent him from taking another chance on love again.

Until Hank’s accident, the relationship between the men is a little over the top happy and just a wee bit too perfect. No obstacle is too hard to overcome and their desire for another never wanes. However, the issues both men encounter during Hank’s recovery add a nice touch of reality to the storyline. Santi’s anguish when he realizes Hank does not remember him is palpable and it is very painful watching Hank unintentionally hurt him. Santi remains optimistic that Hank will fall in love with him again, but sometimes real life does not always match his expectations. It is equally difficult seeing Hank’s confusion and frustration as he tries to pick up the pieces of the life he can no longer recall.

Please Remember Me by Jacob Z. Flores is an absolutely delightful love story that I highly recommend. It is a truly captivating romance that is delivers a powerful message of love without angst or drama.


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